Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Am I Missing the Point?

Lately, I have noticed that there are people all over the place all up in arms about some "Time" magazine cover photo and it's title "Are You Mom Enough?"

Now, I haven't read the actual article because I am poor, and not a Time Magazine subscriber, but the comments I have seen that are solely based on that cover dumbfound me.

I mean people are spewing everything from "This is blatant mass distribution of child pornography" to "They would never question a fathers ability to be a good parent."  I find both of these particular statements quite amusing if not a little disturbing too.

First of all, turning breast feeding into something sexual is ludicrous.  Secondly, almost any publication that has anything to do with parenting continually questions a father's ability to parent or blatantly disregards that fathers are involved in the whole child rearing process at all, and that questioning seems to be fine as long as it only questions the fathers and not the mothers.  

Why is that?

But, am I missing the point?...Probably...

Anyway, the truth is I was a little horrified when I first looked at the photo, but not for the same reasons as any one else I know.

I wasn't worried about the child's welfare because the kid obviously didn't look abused in anyway.  I didn't automatically assume that this 3 year old was going to get beat up in school because, really, by the time he goes to school this photo is going to be long forgotten. 

I also neither find the cover photo to be pornographic like some believe or evidence of molestation because, I'm sorry, well no I'm not, breast feeding your child is not a sexual thing.  It's not dirty.  It is just feeding your brat, and I am appalled by people who see it as anything other than that.  

Sure, different people see things differently, and we all have our own ideas of what is right and wrong, but let's not forget that your "right" is not necessarily any better than anyone else's.

So, no, what horrified me about the photo was not anything like that.  I was concerned that the little guy on the chair was going to fall and hurt himself because it looked like an awkward position to breast feed in.

As far as the title goes, meh.  Who cares?  It's really nothing to get all flustered about.

But then again, there are numerous publications that continually post articles questioning the ability of fathers to parent their kiddos, so I guess I am kind of used to it.  It would be different I guess if I was a  mom who was not used to publications that automatically assumed that I was incompetent to raise children.

But, as I am a dad I am used to that kind of thing.  It's no big deal to me, which is why I fail to understand why there are so many out there that are so completely offended by this silly, little title "Are You Mom Enough?"

At least read the article before you start taking it personally.  Talk about judging a book by it's cover.


  1. Since the photo was about breastfeeding, the caption "mom enough" didn't really strike me as anti-dad, but I totally get your point. It definitely served it's purpose of getting people's attention, though.

    1. Oh no not anti-dad at all. I just thought that it was amusing at how many of my mom friends were so enraged about it. From my perspective, I see things that continually question a man's abilities to raise a child, and when I get all huffy they lay the smack down on me for taking that silly stuff too seriously. I guess I was just trying to point out that they do it too. :)