Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's Weigh In...and Being Shunned!

Well, Pizzly and I are still working hard at whipping me into shape, and, despite the major pig out session that lasted all weekend, I lost another pesky pound!

So, now, I am down to 284 and have finally hit the 20 pound loss mark.


No, I don't look all that different or even feel any different, but I am still plugging away one pound at a time.  Our latest exercise routine seems to be helping.  It involves public ridicule and scorn.

Yeah, apparently, my real problem is I have too much self-esteem, so I have to put myself in check by using the scorn and ridicule from the mothers at the park to make me feel badderer about myself.

I swear those jackals are like junior high kids, and probably about as brilliant too.

No, not really.  They probably aren't as brilliant either. 

Anyway, my self-esteem is already kind of at the mid to low level, so they can stop working so hard as it's going to start getting redundant here pretty soon, like yesterday when the old self-esteem meter dropped down to the empty mark, which reaffirmed my hatred of going to the park.

You see, while Pizzly and I were there yesterday not a single parent would let her kids play with him, and the only reason I can think of is because I was there and not my wife. 

Well, I pretty much know that that's the reason because these women make no attempts to hide the scorn on their faces when they look at us me, and they don't even try to lower their voices when they talk to each other about us.

I tell you nothing makes you feel lower than hearing a mother tell her kids that they aren't allowed to play with your kid when your at a playground, and you know damn well that the only reason that they aren't allowed to play together is because you have a penis and not a vagina.

Now, imagine hearing that from 5 mothers all with in a 25 minutes span of time.

How would you feel?

It's rather heart breaking, and it makes me wonder if I should shave or something.  Maybe my beard is scaring them off.  Or, maybe there is nothing I can do to alleviate the situation. 

How can any parent be so mean?  I mean I really do feel like I am in high school all over again.

Oh well, F them!

Luckily, Pizzly shares that mindset.  Either that or he is too young to know what is going on and that we are being shunned.  Either way we still had fun yesterday despite those jackals!

We played tag and ran around in between trees "racing."  It was quite a work out!  The boy's wicked fast these days and the fact that I was laughing the whole time didn't help me to catch my breathe.

It was so much fun that it didn't even matter that those moms wouldn't let their kids play with the boy, and it surely didn't matter that they thought I looked ridiculous while  I was playing with him either.  

At least I wasn't sitting on my rump playing with a stupid cell phone the whole time, only getting up to chastise my little one for daring to try and play with a two year old that's there with his father having a game of chase.  To me, that looks pretty ridiculous.

Well, if their aim is to discourage us from going and playing at the park they are going to have a sore ass because all they're doing is making me want to go there all the more, and as soon as it dries out that's exactly where we're going to go today.  

Because,  "F 'em!  That's why!"

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  1. Don't let anybody make you feel uncomfortable with's not your's THEIRS! You are absolutely correct -- you were actively engaged with your kid and you were both having fun. Sure beats being involved in a personal relationship with your phone while the kid fends for him/herself.