Friday, April 6, 2012

My Parenting Fail!

So, I broke out the ole' electric guitar today after retiring it for awhile.  I was immediately shocked to see the disrepair it was in.  I apparently, had forgotten to oil the poor thing before I put it away last time.  

No biggie.  I have extra strings!

So, as I was restringing the beast I heard crying.  I assumed it was "The Beast," so I started soothing it and telling it how sorry I was for not taking care of it.

But, of course it wasn't the guitar that was crying.  It was the boy. He was freaking out about  something.  It was rather disconcerting.

I asked and asked "What's the matter honey?  What's wrong?" But I could get nothing from him but screams and crying.  

I was getting pretty flustered, and I felt totally remiss as a parent because I couldn't help my boy, my little man, my favorite person in the world.  I was so upset about this that I almost started tearing up myself.

This boy never acts like that unless he has a bad dream.  

Something, must be scaring him silly.

Then I glanced over my back at what he was staring at so intently. 

Nothing there but "The Beast."

"He's never been scared of guitars before.  That Can't be it." At least, I didn't think so anyway.  We've never had a problem with any of my other guitars.

What would be different about "The Beast" that would terrify him so?  

Then I looked harder at the guitar.  

Painted by Nicellis Withey
Finally, I noticed what it was he was so terrified of.  

It was the paint job.

Oh man I am such a horrible dad!  I never once thought that the paint on that guitar would be scary to a little guy!  

I am such a failure!

So, after realizing my grave error, I quickly locked the guitar in its case, and, poof, instantly everything was all better...almost.

Now, I just have to convince the little man that guitars aren't evil because every time I say guitar the poor little mite starts tearing up, which makes me tear up.

P.s.  If you like this paint job you should check out some more of Nic's art work 
He can do a lot more than skulls too.  You should really check him out.

No, this isn't shameless promotion.  Nic is my brother in law, and I am damn proud of his work!

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  1. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the works on Nic's site are only a few. He has a lot more and they are all original oil paintings, no prints.