Monday, April 30, 2012

Lessons From the Trail!

Well, somehow, over the weekend as this blog reached 8,000 views I managed to make it to this scenic overlook, and in the process of doing so I learned a couple of valuable lessons.

1.  Anything worth doing is most likely going to be hard, and, boy was this a difficult place to get to for a guy like me.  I am still whining to Mama Bear about how sore I am.

But, I am also very proud of myself for making it, and for the last few days I have had an extra bounce in my step and a little bigger smile on my face.

You see, since I started getting sicker I started to worry about how my disease would affect my life and change my ability to do things I love to do, but the fact that these changes in my body would inherently effect my ability to parent terrifies me most of all!

I have always wanted to be the type of dad who can go out and kick a soccer ball around with his kids or toss a football or baseball.  I want to be the dad that takes his kids camping and hiking and fishing.  And, I thought that when my disease dropped the bomb on me all that was going to change, but guess what...

It hasn't!  I can still do all of that, and this death march of a hike proved that I can.  

It'll just be a bit more difficult, but still very much worth it!

2. Most times it is better to not take a "short cut."  Yeah, about 1.5 to 2 miles into the woods I decided to take a "short cut."  It was a brilliant idea except that the short cut I took added another mile and a half onto the hike to this over look, but I didn't mind because...  

3. Sometimes you find wonderful things in the most unexpected places.  While lost in the woods taking the "short cut" we stumbled on this view.  We are looking down at the base of an impassable ravine.  We are about 50 feet above it.

Just think, if I hadn't decided it would be quicker and easier to forget this trail business and strike out on my own trail I would have never known that this existed!  Kind of made the whole mile and a half side trip worth while didn't it?  

Well, I thought it was worth it anyway.

Kind of makes me wonder about all the other things I have missed by following a trail instead of trying to blaze my own...

This here was the easiest part of the trail,
and it may give you an idea of how steep
it was most of the time
4. Always Bring a Friend Along!!!  

It's not only safer to go out in the woods if you have a friend along with you, but you also have somebody to share the experience with.  

Everything is better with a buddy...That and if you have to consider what somebody else may want to do and not just yourself you're more likely to go a little further; push yourself a little harder.

For instance, after the first half mile of this hike I would have definitely turned my butt around and headed back to the car and said to hell with the overlook I have been meaning to hike up to for the last five years, but because Uncle Ra Ra was there too I decided to keep going, and I am glad I did.  

I am also glad that I didn't know that he wanted to head back then too because I would have in a heart beat...maybe.

5. Always bring extra batteries!!!!!!!!

Since, Pizzly was too young and Mama Bear was too preggers for this venture, Uncle Ra Ra and I had to leave them behind this time, but I promised to take an ample amount of pictures for them.  

Well, I ended up taking 4 photos, and then the camera died on me!

Not cool!!

Luckily, I packed an extra 8 pack of AA's I got from the local dollar store.  Of course, none of them worked!  What did I expect?  I got batteries from the dollar store.

Anyway, I at least was able to snap off four shots and only two of them were blurry and out of focus.  This just means I will have to go back with them at some point so they can see what it was like.

Now that I know I can do it, I can't wait to do it again!

But, first the boy and I are going to fly a kite.

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