Friday, March 30, 2012

When Dinosaurs and Bears Attack!

Holy smokes have we had a busy week here at Dizzy Dad head quarters!

Let's see...where to begin?

Well, first off.  We spent the entire week camping, which is great, but I am ready for the tent to go away now.

It's just too dangerous!

No, the tent itself isn't dangerous, but since it's been up it seems like wild animals have been coming out of the wood work, scaring us.  

There's been dinosaurs, bears, strange dogs, kitty cats, raccoon, snakes and, we've even had a visit from a badger!  I am telling you.  That tent is bad luck...or good luck depending on how you look at it.

I call it bad luck because the boy and Mama Bear were, unfortunately, attacked by a dinosaur. I believe it was a stegosaurus of all things.

Luckily, Mama Bear was able to fight it off, but neither she nor Pizzly have been same since then.  I am starting to doubt that they will ever be.

It's really rather sad.

They were such happy little creatures.

As if the dinosaur attack wasn't enough, our tent was also over taken by a hungry bear.

Of course, Mama Bear, being the adventurous type, decided to provoke it.  

The result wasn't pretty.

It took hours to rearrange our campsite after we chased the little bear away.  I guess that's what we get for not zipping up the door when we left.  I guess we probably shouldn't have left food in the tent too, but who would have guessed that a bear would invade our camp site?

For that matter, how could we have possibly foreseen a stegosaurus attack either?

It gets weird around here I tell you what.

P.s.  When we weren't camping we were out and about meeting rock stars, stunt drivers, monster truck drivers, train conductors, and, of course, race car drivers.

What a week!

I'm ready for a nap!

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