Friday, March 23, 2012

It's Official. Pizzly's a Redneck!

If you grew up around rednecks, like me, then you know that they are a special breed of people.  They know how to have fun and are crazy enough to not recognize a bad idea when they see one.

I mean, rednecks are the only type of people that will use old junk cars as fencing material, and they are the only ones that will use an old school bus as a stable for their hogs or an old bread truck for a chicken coop.  From my experience, they're experts at re-purposing things and are quite inventive and imaginative.  

They'll also jack anything with wheels up and race it or jump it or basically do anything with it that the rest of the world would consider too asinine to even think about doing with it.

With this in mind, I think Pizzly is a redneck!  Which, I am cool with because the best people I know are rednecks, whether self-identified as such or not, but I would rather that the boy not hurt himself doing something crazy.

Unfortunately, I think that train has already left the station.  

The boy is already doing crazy stuff.

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I would like to blame this on his recent infatuation with Monster Jam, which is like watching the vehicular version of professional wrestling, but that would be wrong because, truthfully, he has been doing crazy stuff for a while now.  

This trend started way before he even knew monster trucks existed.

I mean, he's been pulling wheelies on his tricycle and jumping it and racing around on his Pooh Train, like he was some sort of drifting maniac, for months now.  

Monster trucks were just discovered last week when I foolishly pointed them out to him.

So, I cannot hardly blame the monster trucks for my son's crazy antics, like when he jumped his pooh train over a threshold with a six inch drop and flipped it over on himself this morning.  

What was disconcerting about that was the fact that he made sure to check his train to see if it was alright before he started crying because he smacked his head on the floor.

Obviously, the train was what was most important in that instance and not his bruised head.

Well, since I can't really blame the monster trucks for being a poor influence, the only conclusion I can make to explain Pizzly's nuttiness is that he's a redneck.

That's cool.

I can so get behind that.

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