Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodbye Workhorse...Hello Fancy!

Well, the boy and I have been busy exercising all morning, and by exercise, I mean playing tag and dodge block ball, which is a seriously awesome way to start out the week.

Now, that all the excitement is coming to a close for a few minutes since the Pizzmeister is passed out, I can jot down a few words on the old blog here using my nifty spanking new laptop!

Yeah, that's Right.  Daddy's got a new toy! (But, like the old laptop this one has grimy kid prints all over the screen already too)

Since, I am such an awesome guy, and the old work horse, a toshiba, decided that it didn't like the life that it was living any longer and finally called it quits on us, Mama Bear decided that it might be time to get a new lap top for me to use.  

You know, us bloggers can only use the finest of machines.  I couldn't possibly be expected to use the ancient e-machines desktop to write with.

So, we ended up getting a super rockin' Gateway!

I'll miss the old work horse though.  We had some good memories together.  That poor old thing!  just thinking about it brings a tear to my eyes...

Anyway, after I the new lap top came to live with us I quickly realized something.  

There is a serious lacking in my technological knowledge department!  

For instance, what the hell is Windows 7?!  And, When did XP head down the road?!

Man!  You mean I have to relearn how to use a new operating system?  I was just getting comfortable with the old one and feeling all smug because I finally figured out how to use Skype!  


Well, since the newfangled gadget has all sorts of bells and whistles, I think I am going to go ahead and try exploring it a bit while the boy is sleeping.

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