Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slave Driving Two Year Old!!!

So it is official.  Pizzly is now two years and one day old.  

I know!  Boy, has the time flown by!

Anyway, as part of our celebration yesterday, Pizzly and I decided to go to a craft store to get some construction paper and maybe some crayons.

No big deal right?  

We go in get the paper and some colored pencils because apparently crayons aren't crafty enough for an "arts and craft" store.  

All in all I figured it would cost me five minutes and maybe 5 dollars, but no.  We couldn't leave with just construction paper and colored pencils now could we?

Nope, of course not.


Because the sales lady decided that she had to show my little man absolutely everything that was in the store that might even come close to being cool.  Before I knew it I ended up with $50 worth of stickers, beads, colored plastic thread crap for the beads, construction paper, glue, a bird, an owl mask, colored pencils, colored cotton balls, and a travel mug that is clear so you can put your kids drawings or photos in it.

She even showed the boy how to braid the bead thread!

He thought it was great!

I...not so much.

But, it being his birthday and all, I figured I could go ahead and buy him a bunch of crafty crap, which ended up being a half days worth of working on making crazy stuff that only us parent types like.

We ended up making Mama Bear a valentines day card, which was my plan all along, but this one was snazzier with colored cotton balls and stickers adorning it as well as some super cool drawings that Pizzly drew up special for her.

But, on top of that we made a nifty drawing with heart stickers and construction stickers  for her new mug, and we ended up making her a key chain charm/purse charm or whatever the hell it is.

The mug and the card I was totally cool with, but the charm thing...I'll be honest.  

I hated doing it, and not because I thought it was too tween girly for me.

The reason I hated it so went beyond the obvious braiding colorful strands of plastic and threading on colorful beads not being my cup of tee type of thing.

I hated it because doing this type of thing is a serious pain in the ass!  And, it is even more so if you shake uncontrollably due to muscle tremors and your fingers don't work the way you think that they ought to.

Add on top of that a slave driving two year old who refuses to let me slack off, and can't quite braid himself but can sure point out all my mistakes easy enough, and hopefully, you understand why the key chain charm thing was such a pain in the rumpas for me.

Seriously, this kid was irritating the crap out of me!

If I messed up the braid he made me go back to fix it!!!

Who does that?

After the braiding was done he started handing me beads and was very particular about where they were placed.  Again, if one bead was not in its proper place, he'd yank it off, which for some reason he could do. Putting on beads was a problem, but yanking them off wasn't somehow.

I don't know.  Must be magic or something.

Anyway, after all the beads were put into place, I noticed something.

There were so many beads that you couldn't see the braided rope they were attached to.

In other words, I did all that braiding for nothing!

At least the boy liked it.  In fact, he liked it enough that we are doing another one today.....Yay!

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  1. And just think, this time next year you'll be doing a balancing act with a 3 year old as well as a 7 months old. Enjoy working with Pizzly alone while you can.