Monday, January 2, 2012

Toys, Parties, and Puking on Mama Bear!

Hot diggetty!

What a time we've been having over here in dizzy dad land.  The last week has been marvelous.  We've had everything from parties to projectile vomiting!  

Who could ask for more?

It all started with a perfect Christmas morning.  Nothing to do but just hang out and relax and watch the boy play with all his new crap, which is littering the living room still.  It turns out that his favorite "new" toy is the crappy old train that used to run around the base of the Christmas tree.  

Yeah that was kind of a bummer for me.

Here he got this awesome little train to ride on, a crap load of other things to play with, and what does he want most.  The ten year old cheap plastic crap train that we put around our tree base.  It doesn't even work that well anymore, but what can you do?  The little guy loves it so we're keeping it until he gets tired of it.

Asides from that we've been having a grand ole' time with playing with our friends and puking on Mama Bear!

It's amazing that I have not been hit with his little puke missiles yet. 

I must be magical or something!

But, poor Mama Bear.  She has been hit a few times, and I don't think her hair will ever really get clean now.

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