Monday, January 30, 2012

Stupid Haunted House!

Ok, so my house isn't really haunted, but it kind of felt like it  was this weekend.  Well, it either felt haunted or like it was purposely trying to make me miserable.

It all started on Friday morning.  I woke up to Mama Bear telling me that there was something I needed to look at.

"Great!" I said because I already knew it wasn't going to be anything fun like a new puppy, but I wasn't ready for this.

It is all deflated now, but this was originally a pulsing blister of hate water.  

Apparently, the jerk who built the addition neglected to make it water tight.  

Boy was I chagrined.  

Especially, when all Friday morning until about 2 Pizzly kept pointing at our blister of hate water and saying "That doesn't look good.  Fix It!"

Then I said the magic words.  "Why don't you fix smarty pants?"

This caused the little man to dance excitedly while grabbing his little plastic tools.  

"Oh boy!  Now what am I going to do?"

Well, I ended up being the little man's step ladder while he "fixed" our leak and popped the blister with his hammer and screwdriver getting water all over.

After a few moments Pizzly decided that his job was done and proudly exclaimed "There.  All fixed!"

Then on Saturday when Uncle Ra Ra came over to help me really fix the leak the house bit me, which required a scolding from Mama Bear for not wearing gloves while working with metal, some band aids, and triple antibiotic ointment.  And, while Mama Bear was patching me up and telling me how stupid I was for not wearing gloves and that she shouldn't have to be my babysitter, Pizzly was giving me this look that was saying "Serves you right you fool.  I told you I already fixed that leak yesterday anyway!"

Then Two minutes later Uncle Ra Ra cut himself too and the whole scene repeated itself with the addition of Pizzly shaking his head and little fist in disgust.

Oh man this kid's a riot!

Now, all I have to do is wait until it rains to see if the leak did in fact stop so I can repair the damage inside.   

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