Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Either a Hamburger or a Hot Dog!

This morning Mama Bear had a doctor's appointment with her OB, and I got to go along because Grammy and Grampy were able to baby sit Pizzly.

I say that I got to go along, but what I mean was I was lucky enough to go too.  You may not believe this, but I really do enjoy going to these visits.  For one thing, I really love being able to hear my baby's heart beat, and for secondsies, Mama Bear's Mid Wife is awesome!  She's great fun to be around, and she actually answers all of our questions and assuages all of our fears. 

She's a very good calming influence.  For me anyways.

Anyway, since we had no ultra sound today, the topic of the ultra sound came up because at our next visit we will hopefully find out the sex of our baby!

It's going to be awesome!

Some how we ended up talking about how hard it is for some people to determine what they are seeing when they view an ultra sound photo, which turned into a laugh fest because when Pizzly was still residing in Mama Bear's womb it didn't quite click in my mind that I was looking at his penis when the ultra sound tech was showing us.

But, I am not the only person who has been confused by these types of photos ,so I am not alone, which doesn't necessarily make me feel any better.  

Anyway, after the giggle at my expense the mid wife told me, "Really, it's not that hard. It either looks like a hamburger or a hot dog! See?"

Then she proceeded to draw it in the air for me while giggling evilly.

Photo from
photo from

I guess I can see the resemblance if I really use my imagination.  What a riot!

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