Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Need Help on This One!!! Pretty Please!

For the last few months there has been an ongoing debate in our household, and even Pizzly has weighed in on the subject.

What double stroller should we pick up for when Two arrives?

Yes, I know that Pizzly is almost 2 already and shouldn't need to be in a stroller for too much longer, but I have to be realistic. 

I walk with a cane, so it might be nice to have a way to contain the Pizzmeister and Two while we go for walks to the park or during trips to the zoo or just wherever we happen to go, and I refuse to leash my kids.

So, now all we have to do is decide which tandem stroller is best for us. 

But, man, there are a crap load of options out there. Do we get the Graco, the Baby Trends, the Contours, or another brand?  Should I go for a side by side stroller, a sit and stand, or what?

Well, luckily enough for us we have another 7 months or so before we could actually us it, but in the mean time there are some decisions to be made.

For instance:

Do we go for the contours that looks kind of cool, and has a variety of car seat attachments?

I have to admit. I like the fact that it has two shades because, let's face it, both Mama Bear and I are glow in the dark white.  Therefore, Pizzly is glow in the dark, and I am sure Two will be too, so I am liking the shades.

What about a Graco?

No, it isn't quite as snazzy as the contours, but our friends who have a graco said that they liked it, and it has a nice boot.  It looks I could stow tons of crap in there.

And, we already have a Graco new born carseat.

What about this three wheeled monstrosity?

It looks kind of cool, and the wheels are nice and large, so, theoretically, it should be easy to push around town while walking to the park.

But, it seems a bit wide for when we go out to other places like the mall or grocery shopping. 


What about this one?

It seems like it would be nice and maneuverable, and Pizzly would be able to hop on and off willy-nilly.

But, I am not sure if that would be more of a hassle than anything else, and the boot in it is kind of small. Not a lot of room for snacks and such there.

Or, what about something like this umbrella style stroller?

I really like the idea of it being light weight and ultra foldable, but I am not sure if it is something I could use when Two is brand new.

That, and the tiny wheels might make it hard to walk around town with.  You know how sidewalks are.  They are never smooth.

I also wonder if it is something I could push around with my one unoccupied arm, and there is no boot to store bottles and snacks in.  That may be a problem.

Hmm...I think I am going to need help on this, especially from those of you who have multiple children and have used a tandem stroller or are using one.

Any suggestions on brand or style?

What is the deal breaker for you?

What options are really nice to have?

Please Help Me!!!

Man, I am glad that we still have seven months to make this decision.


  1. Here are Mama Bear's 2 cents:

    First, I have a stroller obsession so I've been researching for MONTHS!

    no way are we doing the straight sit and stand with no seat for Pizzly. If it looks uncomfortable enough to be a implement of torture, I'm not asking my big boy to lump it.

    Does anyone actually use the seats that can face toward or away? It seems super awesome, but I'm not sure it's realistic.

    Umbrella strollers are just not "cool" enough for me and I carry a huge old lady purse/ diaper bag.

    What about trays for each kiddo. I don't tend to leave Pizzly in the stroller to eat or anything but let's face it kiddos need to snack constantly.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

  2. We have a graco sit and stand and we really like it. Lillie likes being about to just yell "please stop" and we can easily let her out. She also likes that she can sit or stand. There is lots of storage. One downside is that its not very manuverable. We also have a side by side jogging strolled that is nice, but Lillie can get into moods where she doesn't want to be in a stroller, so it can be a battle getting her in. So the pros for the graco are that she likes it and its easy to get her in and out when we're at the zoo or mall. The cons are that its not very manuverable and the seat isn't designed to fall asleep in.

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    1. Thanks Levi! I was definitely leaning towards a Graco because we already have the car seat. Now, I have some things to think about a little further and discuss with Mama Bear.