Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We Got a Talker Here!!!

Well, this is nothing new.  Pizzly has always been a little chatter box, but, lately, his chattering is becoming more and more intelligible.

"And that is a Problem?"  You ask.

Well, yes and no.

On the one hand it is totally awesome that Pizzly is using human words and not some sort of  J.R.R. Tolkien created language that no one can understand.  It means that he is growing up, and that when he goes flipsies about something he can theoretically tell me why.

But, on the other hand, when little ones speak it can get annoying. 

For instance, Pizzly is constantly pointing to stuff and asking "What's that?"  And, by constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY!  It is his favorite game as of late.

And the kicker is, I have to answer him each and every time because there will be no ignoring him.  He simply won't have it.  In his mind he is the center of the universe, and it is totally unacceptable for anyone to ignore him.  And, he's right in a way.  At least, he is the center of my universe, and if I ignore him it is borderline child neglect because he is so small.

Anyway, the only time I don't have to answer him is when he is sleep talking, and, lately, sleep doesn't happen all that often.   So, as you can imagine, I have to explain what a lot of things are.

Don't get me wrong here!  I love talking with the boy and telling him what's going on, and what different things are, but playing the "What's that?" game for four hours straight everyday is getting a little old.

The other thing that I have noticed, which is neither good nor bad about Pizzly's language skills, is that he can ask for different foods by name now, and I will absentmindedly give him whatever he asks for as long as he isn't asking "What's that?"  And he knows it too, the tricksy little bugger!   

Yesterday, he managed to probably sneak 20 cookies out of me because I was so happy that he wasn't asking me what something was that I just handed him whatever he was asking for.  Then I noticed what he was doing, and decided two things.  One, he is truly a tricksy little bugger; and, two, there is really no harm in letting him have a handful of animal cracker cookies every once in awhile through out the day. 

After all, it isn't like he isn't eating healthy things at meal times, and they are just animal crackers with raisins added into the mix too sometimes.   What harm could that bring?

In my book.  He's earned them.  Not just because he asks for them by name, but because Pizzly is working so hard to use the potty and working so hard at learning the alphabet and colors that he deserves a few treats everyday as a reward for all that hard work.  

Well, there's that and the fact that he is so utterly adorable to me, and I am so amazed by him and proud of him that I can't help myself.  I'll give him anything he wants that is within reason and within my power, and I deem raisins and animal crackers to be both.

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  1. He is such a good little cub! How can you not give him a few cookies now and again?