Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mysterious Package and Our Christmas Card

Well, yesterday was a big day for us!

Because this Showed up!

"What's that?" you ask.

Well, the answer to that question is complicated because I don't know what's inside yet.

I'm almost afraid to open it because neither my wife nor I ordered it, and we have no idea where it came from.

Sure, it came in an box, but that doesn't mean that there isn't something scary in there.   You know, like a box of dog poo or worse...a clown!

No.  I am not really afraid of clowns.  I just think that they are creepy at times.

The other reason that yesterday was a big day was because we decided to finally start making our Christmas cards!

That was a trip I tell ya!

If you have kids, then you already know how awesome it is trying to get your little one to sit still for five minutes so you can take his freakin' picture!

It's not! Not awesome in the least!

It's like as soon as the camera comes out Pizzly turns into this crazed super villain who thrives on mayhem!

Yeah, it is kind of cute, but after a few minutes of chasing the boy around I am ready to throw in the towel.  

But, no.  Mama Bear insisted that we persist until we get some decent photos of him for the Christmas card.  

Here's what we managed to get.

Noticing Da Has the Camera

Pizzly Singing
Caught in mid run
Getting tickled so he will sit still

More tickling


And...we gave up after that.

See?  It's almost impossible to get Pizzly to sit still for the few seconds it takes to snap a shot of him.  And, as I look at all the photos in all the Christmas cards we've received thus far I ask myself.  "How the hell did they all manage it?" 

It has got to be some sort of black magic!

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