Thursday, December 8, 2011

Learning Curve

I learned two really important things today.

1.) It sucks when your toddler can outrun you so you better keep an eye on him

2.) The mess in the house will still be there when you come back.  It's not going anywhere!

Yes, like magic, Pizzly has just realized that he can run faster and longer than his "gimpy" dad, and it really sucks for me.

Since we were both getting a little stir crazy from staying home all the time, and the house was totally trashed and I really didn't feel like picking up our horrid horrid mess, I decided that today would be a great day to go to the Science Center!  

Who knows the mess might magically get picked up by the time we get home.  

Hey!  You never Know!

Anyway, I thought that I had made a folly in choosing the Science Center as soon as we got to the parking lot because there were 2-3 big yellow buses prominently parked in the most awkward place.  Trying to get around them without getting hit by someone coming out was a trick that I didn't enjoy. 

"Great!" I thought.  "Just what I need a crap load of elementary school aged children running around and acting like little jackals!  Wonderful!"

Well, it turns out that I needn't have worried because all the kids were as polite as can be.  I was rather shocked really.

Anyway, everything was going all right.  Pizzly was making friends like mad and having a blast. Then some teacher started chatting me up, which was odd because usually people run away from me whenever I go out anywhere.  I'd like to think that she thought I was the "Hotness," but, honestly, I was the only other adult in the area, and she seemed just desperate for human interaction.  We have all been there. 

Well, in the brief moment of chit chatting with this overwhelmed looking lady I realized something.  

Something horrid! 

I had taken my eyes off of Pizzly and he was roaming the Science Center as a "FREE AGENT!"

Before you judge me, first realize this.  He couldn't have actually run off because we were in an enclosed room, so he really could not get lost or too far away.  But, the problem was, we were in the room with the cool water feature in it.

Can you guess what my little tyke decided to do?


Yeah, that's right!  The little monster climbed right up into the water feature and was splashing all the other little kids that were around him.  

Man, was I embarrassed!  

Here we were in the midst of a crap load of children, and I had the only one that is drastically misbehaving!  The others weren't even shrieking, screaming, tantrumming, or anything.  I am telling you.  I have never seen so many well behaved children together in one gigantic group ever before in my life.  

It was creepy!

Anyway, when I got the boy out of the water, he, of course, took off like a shot before I could dry him off! 

Trying to catch him was like trying to catch a greased pig, and, apparently, hilarious to watch!  At least the young lady who was chatting me up thought so.  The other kids were pretty aloof to the whole situation.  It was like it made perfect sense to them that there was a soaking wet toddler running around. 

I was so embarrassed!

At first, I decided to give chase, but quickly realized that there was no way in hell that I was going to catch my little runt.  I already needed breather, and he was still going strong.  Then I decided to try another tactic.

I called him over to me, so we could play with the blocks.

Holy crap it worked!  He just sprinted right up to me giggling like a fiend, so I dried him off nonchalantly and we played with the blocks.  I couldn't believe the twerp actually came back to me when I asked him too. 

Maybe he wasn't that bad after all...

Anyway, the rest of the visit was relatively tame.  Sure, there were a few instances of playful shrieking and shouting, but other than that it was pretty tame.

Then we went home and to my disappointment the house was still trashed.


Maybe if I leave it Mama Bear won't notice it and yell at me.

Hey!  It could happen!

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