Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Santa,

Here's a pic from last year.  Just
look at that smug Bastard!
Dear Santa,

This year I am not asking for much, and not for anything that you have to make or buy or anything.  The only thing I want from you is for you to stop being such a dick!

I mean really.

It seems like every year I buy anybody anything you have to go and screw everything up by giving them something more extravagant.  Take last year for instance.

Last year I gave Pizzly a few train cars and trucks that I was sure he'd love.  

What did you get him?

A crap load of train track and locomotives, and, to rub it in my face even more, it was all Thomas crap as opposed to my non name brand trains I gave him.

So, of course.  Pizzly likes what you got him more than what I gave him.

Did you really have to make me look bad for my son's 1st Christmas or do you just enjoy being a prick to parents like me?

Whatever the reason, this year I would really appreciate it if this year you let me be the "man" and not outshine my gifts to Pizzly.  I would really appreciate it.

Just a Dizzy Dad

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