Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Wars!!!

For the last few days the boy has been waging one long, on-going war against the Christmas tree and all its ornament folk. 

By war, I mean he's commiting genocide or attempting it anyway.  He's not alone in it either. He's been using his Thomas the train minions to do the dirty work for him.


Luckily, the ornaments are wickedly resilient.  I have a good feeling they will survive for at least this year.  Plus, they have me on their side.


Yeah, that probably isn't helping them too much.  I know.

It all started out innocent enough.  Mama Bear's nutcracker ornament was riding around the train set on Pizzly's Thomas engine.  It was all good times until the Nutcracker wouldn't fit through the tunnel and fell off of Thomas.

That...of course... made the Nutcracker angry, so he attacked Thomas by reaching back like a pimp and slapping Thomas' funnel.

Wrong thing to do Nutcracker!  

I'd say that it was ok and to forget about it, but it's really not.  You see, Thomas is the biggest badass in Pizzly's train army, and he never forgets it once someone wrongs him, especially if the wronging is a Nutcracker ornament B-slapping him.

War was the only possible outcome of this. 

So, that's what started this whole stupid stupid war!  A dum, habitual line stepping nutcracker had to go and slap Thomas' funnel over an imaginary slight.

After that, it was just a matter of time until both sides drew up ranks and started battling.  Of course, Pizzly sided with the trains.  That left me with the lame-o ornaments!


Here's a photo of what the last battle looked like.

Not too glorious looking is it?

Yeah, it was atrocious!

My tree ornaments never even had a chance.  Had I known that Pizzly was going to cheat and bring out his "Pooh Bear" battle train, I could have had somebody on hand to counter attack the giant honey sucker!

Who am I kidding?  I have no one that could withstand an attack from that battle train.  I was doomed from the start.

At least it is over now...for good.

Pizzly captured and executed my general, Santa Claus.

Now my army doesn't have the heart to fight any more.

Now, only two questions remain, and I have the answers to both of them already.

Who's going to clean up this mess?

-me of course

Will Pizzly ever stop gloating over his unquestionable victory?

-No.  That's not how he rolls, the little smack talker!

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