Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Terrible Two's Came Earlier than Expected!

It has been pretty hectic around here lately.  We've been building, we've had the fire department show up, and the boy insists on being a little monster!

First things first, the building is moving right along albeit slowly.

As for the fire dept. showing up, some one decided that my house was on fire while I was taking a shower, so I came out of the shower to a house surrounded by fire fighters and police officers.  Not to cool.  I was super embarrassed!  Then I felt awful because they got sent to my house for no reason whatsoever other than some idiot thought that my house was on fire because there was smoke coming out of my chimney.   Gee imagine that!  Smoke coming out of a chimney!

What a novel Idea!

And lastly, it has been wicked hectic around here because Pizzly is a little hell raiser and has me pulling out my hair on an hourly basis!

Just this morning the little bugger decided to whip his underoos off and peed on my dog, which, of course, scared the dog, which made it hilarious to my son.  So, when the dog ran away, the child chased after it while urinating all through out the house.  Let me tell you that was a trick to clean up!  There was even toddler pee on my television which is about 4 and a half feet up on an entertainment stand.  The boy is only 30 inches tall.  

Yes, it was one hell of a stream!

Following that little episode, Pizzly has decided that it is great fun to try and harm himself too.  He has been jumping into things and diving all over the place because, apparently, he thinks it is hilarious to scare me to death.

Anyway, he has been a little daredevil and ne'er-do-well for weeks now, but lately he's been just absolutely bat crap bananas, which results in him injuring himself, which he conveniently forgets seconds afterward.  Today, he face planted into the arm of the couch and gave himself a black eye.  

Seconds after he did that, he decided run around in circles and shake his curls at me until he fell over backwards and smacked his head on his train table, which didn't even phase him. Then he proceeded to tear all the cushions off of the couch and use them to break his fall as he dove off of the couch.

  1. I tell you this kid is going to make me bald or at the very least prematurely grey!

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  1. Yep, sounds a lot like his father, only he's starting out at an earlier age - at least the daredevil part. The part where he runs around peeing on everything is all Pizzly.