Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Still Not Quite Ready For the Restaurant Scene

Today Pizzly and I decided to go and surprise Mama Bear at work, which was kind of fun, but made me realize that perhaps the Pizzer is not quite ready for a "sit-down" restaurant quite yet.  Maybe in a year or two but not now.

You see, we showed up around lunch time with the hopes of accompanying Mama bear to lunch somewhere as a pleasant surprise.  We ended up going to a Thai restaurant and the food was delicious!  The only problem was that Pizzers is only 21 months old.


Neither is waiting...for anything.

So, when we sat down at our table we did our usual restaurant routine.   We gave him his little match box car to play with on the table and a gummy worm to gnaw on while we waited for the food.

That worked for a few seconds, but, eventually, he grew bored with the car and the gummy worm and wanted to run around like a maniac.  Of course, that wasn't going to fly, so he had to settle with sitting on Mama Bear's lap as I was officially chopped liver the minute he realized that we were  visiting Mama Bear and at her office.

That's ok!  I am kind of used to being rejected, not that it doesn't still hurt every now and then.  But, the real problem was that poor Mama Bear had no chance of eating her lunch since Pizzer wasn't about to let her alone for five consecutive minutes. 

So, I ate in a hurry to try and help with the boy who went all floppsy all of a sudden.  You know what I am talking about.  When the toddler isn't getting his/her way and he/she starts flailing and then goes all limp.  Well, Pizzly wasn't quite that bad he just kind of flopped and draped himself over Mama Bear effectively ruining any chance of her finishing her lunch because she needed both hands on the squirmy little monster.

Anyway, while watching this I couldn't help but giggle to myself a little, and then I started wondering how much longer will I have to wait until we can go out as a family and have a meal somewhere that isn't a Chinese buffet.  I am guessing a few more years yet at least.

Oh well.  At least I really like Chinese food. I guess there is also Chuck-E-Cheese's too, but that brings up a whole new set of problems.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

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