Monday, November 21, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Last Christmas Grammy and Grampy bought Pizzly his very own little rocking and singing pony, which made me jealous because I wasn't allowed to ride it.  All Da was supposed to do was build it and then scram.

Anyway, Pizzly absolutely loved his little singing horse for all of a week or two, and then seemed to have forgotten all about it.  So, we moved the giant rocking pony into his bedroom, which he doesn't use, and he really must have forgotten it existed because he stopped seeing it on a daily basis..

Well, this morning we found it and fell in love all over again!

Pizzly must have ridden that durn singing rocking horse for an hour straight.  I just couldn't get him to get off of it.

I knew he was tired and asked him if he wanted to get off and take a nap and then come back and play on his pony later, but all I got was this look like "Oh, Hi Da!  I forgot you were there!"  

Then the little bugger started riding like a maniac again!

I decided to go ahead and let him play as long as he wanted to, and after a few more minutes he managed to fall asleep in the saddle.  That was wicked Cute I'll tell you what, but I couldn't get any photos since I was afraid he was going to fall off and get hurt.

Oh well, maybe next time.

Anyway, while I was tenderly picking him up so as to not wake him, I remembered something that I was told once.  

It was sound advice that I hadn't asked for and promptly dismissed and shouldn't have.  In fact, I don't even remember who told me this, but they were right whoever it was.  

What they said was, "You should really set some of these toys away and rotate them in and out every once in a while.  That way they always feel new to the boy."

At the time I remember thinking, "Whatever!  I spent some mad cash on all of this and he is going to have them out in the open for everyone to see and 'enjoy'!" like anyone but a toddler really enjoys those shrieking, obnoxious torture devices that some call toddler toys.

I should have listened to whoever told me that nugget of wisdom because Pizzly really does seem to enjoy the toys he doesn't see all the time more now than when he always had access to them.

So, now I am seriously thinking that it is time to get a rotation schedule into place.  Toys are meant to be played with and enjoyed, and if rotating them in and out allows them to get more play time and to be used longer then I'd be crazy not to.   

Thank you, whoever it was that gave me this idea.  I'm sorry I never took you serious until now.  If I could remember your name I'd send you a high five!

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