Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yay! It's our Anniversary!

Yep!  It's true!  Nine years ago today Mama Bear and I decided to take the old wedding vows, and, let me tell you, these past nine years felt like an eternity.

I'm just kidding!

They've been great...for me at least.  I can't say for sure how she feels about the whole ordeal, but I like to think that she feels the same as I do.

Anyway, every Oct. 18 since 2002 I like to sit back and reflect.  I try to consider what my life would have been like with out the woman of my dreams, and I like to try and think of all the great things that we have given to each other.  But, there's a problem when I do.

Firstly, I can't imagine my life without Mama Bear!

Secondly, when I think on all of the things that my darling wife and I have together and all the sacrifices that we have made for everything we have, I start to realize just how selfish I really am.  

You see, she's the one that does all the sacrificing.  All I have to do is sit back and relax!  She's the one that has to deal with having a sick husband who has never had a decent job.  She's the one that worked so I could get my undergraduate degree, and then when I did receive it I ended up searching for a job for 8 months  only to find a crappy job that paid just over minimum wage.  Then I ended up leaving that job to work at a retail store.

Yeah, it is safe to say that I have never really contributed to our household finances, and I feel horrible for it!

But, there is more to life than wealth!  

Unfortunately, I don't contribute to much of anything else either!  I am grouchy, I'm lazy, and I'm not good at anything.  Well, that's not true.  I'm a pretty kick ass dad!  But, other than that, I don't have a lot going for me.  So, there is always a part of me that is wondering and waiting for my wife to realize that she can do better.  

But, at about the time I start worrying, I start thinking of the few things I did contribute in our relationship.  Well, of the one thing anyway.  The most important "thing" of all, our son.  With out me he wouldn't be, and a world with out him would be seriously lacking something, something big and beautiful.  

I can't help but see grand things in his future!

Sure, now he seems to have all the tendencies of a perverted old man who poops in his draws and goes elbow deep down  any woman's shirt he can, but that doesn't mean he isn't on the path to growing into a wonderful man who is capable of doing/achieving just about anything he sets his mind to.

That gets me thinking, and I think this every morning when I wake up, which is why it takes me a few more seconds to get out of bed then my wife and boy.  

I'm thinking that I am a lucky guy!  

I have two wonderful people living with me that I love with all my heart. 

If only everyone could be so lucky!

Happy Anniversary Mama bear!  I love you so much and look forward to waking up next to you every morning for all the years I have yet to live.  I hope that you are as happy as I am even if I don't express it very well!


  1. This is so sweet! Made me cry. Please, don't ever feel that you are "less than" anyone else. My kids wake up each day without a Dad because he chose drugs and alcohol over them. Your wife and your child are so blessed... don't ever forget that.

  2. There is not a loved it or I would have clicked that! I love you so much and I love our life. Your contributions are so much more important than material wealth!!!! I don't even like to hear you say that and I might smother you with love when I get home just to punish you. Any sacrifices we've made are as a family and I don't regret any for a second. You are the best husband and father. I love you more and more for all your little quirks (and messy habits). I feel just the same now as 9 years ago. I'd never want to spend my life with anyone else. XOXOXO - Mama Bear

  3. Also, Thank you Happy Kid City! We are blessed. I could not agree more.

  4. This is so sweet. Happy anniversary to you two! There is so much more to life than financial stuff. Enjoy every minute of it. This time of life will pass way too quickly!