Friday, October 21, 2011

Wicked, Tricksy ROOSTIFER!

Wicked, Tricksy Roostifer!
Roostifer I hate  you!

How dare you roll up in here and try to replace me as Pizzly's favorite playmate?!

You know how insecure I am, and how much I crave his attention and affection!

So, why would you...Oh! You...You whorebag of a puppet!

That hug should be mine!

But, no!  You stole it like a thief in the night! 

You just had to infiltrate our lives and take over like the tricksy devil you are!

Bastard Roostifer!

I hates you!

Yes, I've really hit an all time low.  I really am jealous of a rooster puppet!

Ever since he's rediscovered that goddamn Roostifer, Pizzly has forgotten all about me.  I used to be his favorite pal, but now I am no good unless I have my hand stuck up a rooster's ass, making it squawk/talk!  

Do you know how degrading that is?

I feel so dirty!

But, what are the alternatives?  Not playing with the boy?  

That's unacceptable!  His attention is like crack to me.  I needs it!

So, if having my hand shoved up a rooster's butt is the only way that Pizzly will play with me so be it.  I'll do it gladly even if I do think it is making him weird!

Notice that there is another Rooster in the back ground
cheering him on!
For instance, this morning when I was taking a photo of him being wicked cute, he decided that he was going to "flash" the camera!

What the hell is that all about?!

I'd really like to know where he learned that behavior from!

Certainly not from me!

I tell you that Roostifer is a bad influence!


  1. Oh My! This is Priceless!

  2. Mama Bear named the rooster puppet Roostifer after she had to put him in timeout for pecking at people over a pumpkin donut. Yes, the rooster had timeout (not Pizzly) since papa bear was running him. :)

  3. Hey stop giving away family secrets, Mama Bear!