Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Breaking the Breakfast Routine!

Well, after Mama Bear left for work this morning I decided that Pizzly and I were going to have a "decent" breakfast.  You know something, other than breast milk for him and cold, black coffee for me. 

Don't get me wrong here.  I do feed him breakfast in the morning after mama leaves, but usually he doesn't eat until after his morning nap because Mama Bear leaves for work at the ass crack of dawn and he is usually too tired to want to eat after she is gone until he has a bit of a nipper nap.

So, usually, all that he needs to sustain him until after his nap is some good ole' fashioned mommy milk, which means that I "have" to lay down with him too.  Well, I don't have too, but it has been part of our morning routine for so long that it just doesn't feel right not to lay down with him.  Daddy needs his snuggles too.

Anyway, it was clear that this morning was a little different, and mommy milk wasn't going to cut it for him.  So, I decided that I was going to make breakfast before nap time, and it was going to be great because we had left over pie!

So, I warmed up some pie for both of us, I made some eggs, toast with butter, and I even put some cheerios in a bowl for the little man just the way he likes them, dry.

I thought it was a terrific breakfast!

I was wrong.

Apparently, the only thing that Pizzly wanted was the butter off the toast, so he ended up stealing my toast for its butter, and that is all he is willing to eat so far, a long with a handful or two of cheerios and a half a glass of whole milk.

So yeah, he basically had butter for breakfast!

Now, our table is littered with breakfast dishes that he has barely touched.  At least the pie and the cheerios will keep until later on, but his eggs and now butter-less toast will be all nasty. 

This leaves me with a problem.  I hate to waste food, but I am already stuffed after drinking my cold coffee and eating my pie and egg and a half.  I don't think I could finish off his half an egg or the three pieces of yucky, licked all the butter off toast.   But, I am going to have to try because I really don't like throwing away food.

This is what I get for breaking the breakfast routine!

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