Friday, September 9, 2011

Zombie Attack or Sleep Walking?

I just witnessed something totally incredible!

I was busy being a house slave, cleaning before we took off for the weekend when I noticed that my son was just standing there...being quiet.  

At first, I thought he was probably relieving himself on the floor yet again because that is the thing to do while da is cleaning, but no he wasn't.

He was sleeping while watching a movie while standing up!

How does that happen?

I have nodded off while I was sitting, but never as I was standing.  It was incredible!  If I had been thinking clearly I would have taken a photo, but I didn't and I wasn't.  I was to preoccupied in getting a diaper on him and laying down before he fell and woke himself, which I am pretty sure would start the apocalypse. 

As it is, just putting a diaper on him turned into some sort  of  Zombie uprising if only in my household!

He got up from where I laid him down and started walking around with his head tilted to the side.  He only had one eye partly open and was drooling like fiend.  It was pretty cute in a disturbing kind of way.  

When he started following me it stopped being cute because I thought that I was going to get bitten for sure.

So, I did what any of you would do.  I pushed him and he fell over lifelessly.  I had to.  Otherwise I would have been bitten and become a zombie too and then who would make lunch?

Anyway, toppling him did the trick.  It snapped him out of his zombie like state, but, for some reason, it made him really angry, and I still got bitten!  

Now, I am worried about baby rabies!

P.s.  For those of you who take things too literally, I didn't really push my child over, I set him down on the couch, which woke him up and made him cranky.  

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