Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why won't People Listen? HE is a Boy!

This past weekend I have learned something about myself.  I am not really all that easy going all the time, and there are some things that just bug the cookies right out of me.

For example, it's a major source of irritation when a stranger comes up to my son and insists that he is a she no matter what I have to say about it.  I mean come on!  You are going to give the boy a complex or something.  How would you like it if I continually called you a boy because you are an uggo like me?

I guess maybe a little back story is in hand...

This past weekend Pizzly, my wife, and I went to Rochester, NY to help my mother in law and my brother in law out at the Clothesline art show.

In general I really enjoy helping my mother in law and my brother in law out when I can, but this past weekend was the pits.

Not because I was bored or anything.  Truthfully, the show was a pretty good time.  There were a lot of "interesting" people, some really nice artwork and woodwork for sale, and there was even live music all day that we got to listen to whether we wanted to or not.  

So, it was pretty cool.  We even bought Pizzly a neat little wooden tractor that he really likes, and we had a chance to take him into the art museum, which was the bomb apparently.

Pizzly at the Clothesline festival looking all "girly" apparently!
So, no, what ruined the experience for me wasn't being stuck at an art show all weekend.  That I liked.  It was the fact that there were so many people at the show that wouldn't accept the fact that Pizzly is in fact a male that ruined my time.  

I cannot tell you how many times some woman would come up to me and tell me how beautiful my daughter was and then keep referring to poor Pizzly as a little girl even after I said "He's a boy." or "Actually, he is my SON."

Nope.  Nothing I said registered because it didn't matter what I had to say about it.  They weren't about to listen to me  no matter what I said until I played the "call your baby the wrong gender and continue to do it" game on someone else.  But, then all they did was walk away in a huff.  It didn't stop the other stupids from continuing the whole "what a darling little girl" thing the whole weekend.

Let me tell you, that gets tiresome after a while.  It's even more frustrating and annoying than the people that tell me he is too pretty to be a boy.  Who says a thing like that?!

I really don't think I am being to uptight here because I am perfectly alright with people not knowing whether or not my son is a boy.  It only bothers me when people refuse to listen to me and continue to call him a girl after I practically beg them to stop.
Why don't people listen to each other?  It seems like so many petty little squabbles would be avoided if we all just took the time to listen.  

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