Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time to Get Your Game On!

Well, I feel a little like a hypocrite lately.  

Despite, what I wrote the other day about being happy with who you are, I started exercising...Kind of.   But not for appearance reasons.  I just want to be a little healthier and mobile, so I can keep up with Pizzly as he gets older.  

With that said, I am attempting to shed some of my whale blubber I've accumulated over the years.


Pizzly likes to "Work Out" on Wii Fit, so I pretty much
have to too!
Well, I refuse to work out at a gym because that isn't really all that fun, and it is expensive!

I am going to go the video game route.  

Using none other than the Wii Fit Plus, which is pretty wicked for a number of reasons!

Firstly, I am not embarrassed to look like a fool while exercising if no one is around to see me, unlike at a gym, and secondly, it is fun as hell!

Oh, and my work out partner/playmate makes it even more fun because he is so darned cute!  Maybe I will actually keep it up because for the last few days we've been having a blast!

I mean really, who doesn't like playing games with their kids? 

Photo from Curvy Magazine
The other HUGE motivator for me to try and stay active and lose a few pounds is this stupid TV show I found on Netflix called "Heavy."

Oh my god does this show horrify me!

It works on the same level that watching Hoarders works except there is no Matt Paxton, who I have a huge man crush on, and instead of making me want to throw everything I own away, "Heavy" just makes me paranoid I am going to end up in a life or death battle with fat, so I want to hit a tread mill until I pass out.

Plus, watching other people lose weight is a motivator because if they can do it I can too even if I do walk with a cane.  

P.s.  So far this week I've lost seven pounds!

P.P.s I kind of wish I could go to the resort they use on "Heavy" because it looks heavenly!  They even have an indoor pool.  If I ever went their you'd never get me out of that blank!

It's just too bad that they won't allow your family to come with you.

P.P.P.s.  Isn't kind of scary that Pizzly is so pale that he almost glows in the dark?  Seriously, the kid is ghost white!

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