Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Potty Time Update!

I wasn't going to bother posting today, but something so marvelous and wonderful happened that I can't help it.  I have to tell you about it.

Sure, you probably won't be as excited as I was, but I don't care!

This morning Pizzly stripped out of his diaper so he could tinkle in the potty, and it was totally unprovoked!

Wicked awesome right?!

Photo from pbskids.org
We were sitting on the couch watching Sid the Science Kid when Pizzly decided to jump off the couch, run to his Happy Froggy Potty, whip off his pesky diapers, and sit down to pee!

I was amazed and exstatic!

I usually cheer him on when he takes a tinkle in the potty, but this time I really meant it!  I was up on my feet applauding this momentous occasion and cheering Pizzly on to the golden "finish line" enthusiastically! 

Apparently, he didn't see it as any big deal though because as I was giving him a standing ovation for his performance he was looking at me like I was an idiot.  

I guess it probably did look rather silly, having a grown man jumping and laughing and clapping his hands and yelling out, "Yay!" raucously.  

But, if you've ever potty trained a little one, then you know how great it is the first time a little one gets on the potty and does their little business totally unprovoked.  

It's a major breakthrough even if he did get off the potty while I was celebrating and nugget on the floor!

Hey...baby steps right?

First work on the peepee's in the right spot and then we'll get those nuggets on target too.

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