Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Very own Mini MacGyver

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Lately, I have been watching old episodes of my favorite television show ever "MacGyver."  What's funny about MacGyver isn't the fact that he is a player or the fact that he is a genius.  What amuses me about MacGyver is that I am living with a miniature, toddler version of him.

The similarities between Pizzly and MacGyver are astonishing.

Macgyver is a player.  Pizzly is the toddler version of a player.  Every time we go out any place womenfolk seem to flock to him.  I don't get it

MacGyver has very distinct hair.  Pizzly has very distinct hair.  However, his hair isn't mullety.  Pizzly's locks are curly and don't at all remind you of a skunk when you look at him.

To you this may look like the contents of my recycling
bin, but to Pizzly the plastic containers are skates and
the paper is...well paper.
Mac finds uses for ordinary, ever day trash.  Pizzly likes playing with trash too.  Sure, he doesn't use it to do complicated things like Mac, but he is only 19 months old.  The fact that he uses trash to do anything at all is pretty cool!

I guess there the similarities end, but there are still enough of them to make me think that Pizzly really is the real mini Macgyver even if he isn't using his mad skills to save the world or anything...yet, but, let's be honest, Macgyver wasn't really saving the world either.  Mac was just a character brought to life by Richard Dean Anderson in a television show.

Yeah it was fun to watch, but not as fun as watching the real, mini Macgyver doing his thing.  

Right now he is using the take out containers to make some sort of catapult contraption for his trains.  It looks like things could get hairy here in a moment.  I better go and put a stop to this. 

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