Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guest Post By MAMA BEAR!

I am super excited!
Mama Bear and Pizzly

I have my first guest poster today!

After days and days of asking her to, mama bear, my wife, has finally decided to guest post for me.

She's an awesome ninja-like mother of our crazy toddler man, and she is an amazing wife, despite the fact that she is a MacGyver hater.

Here's what she has to tell us today!


All right so you are all accustomed to reading Papa Bear’s take on being a parent, so here is a little window into the world of Mama.

Pizzly and Papa Bear are sleeping late this morning.

Mama having expertly and silently extracted herself from the clinging sleepy forms of both family members, has been enjoying my equivalent of what other parents refer to as “me time.”

I hate that term with a passion! But, I digress.

Satiated Dogs and Toys neat and orderly.  Let's See
Papa Bear pull that off first thing in the morning!

In the past hour, I have picked up all the pizzly’s toys including rescuing books, trains, balls, movies, cheerios and various dust bunnies from under the sofa. I managed to vacuum, after digging crushed fishy crackers and what I assume was the ground in remains of maple sugar candy (Grandpa and Grandma having recently returned from a trip to the Adirondacks), and I swept the house, and did the dishes.

Then, with the pets fed and floor swept, I decided to tackle another chronic problem: the retrieval of Pizzly’s magnetic toys from under the fridge. To say this is a thankless and herculean task, is well an understatement albeit a dramatic one.

Not only does the little cub simply delight in tossing the toys under the fridge, but the pieces themselves seem to make a concerted effort to become lost and lodged in every impossible place in the house, much like our beloved and deeply mourned TV remote which recently resurfaced after a 6 month journey to the land of Under -Couch.

Thirty minutes later as I lay prone amid probably 5-7 year old dust bunnies, moldy cat toys and other things that I would rather not positively identify, I realized two things: 1) that despite my efforts with the vaccum cleaner, various canes, broom, and the flexible thingy we clean the stove pipe for the pellet stove with, the purple cow’s butt was in fact forever lost to us, or at least for the remainder of the yucky fridge's life and 2) that the real change in my life since becoming a mom is that these stolen moments of furious cleaning have become, for me anyway, that elusive thing called by some “me time.”  And the thing of it is it felt absolutely decadent.

I managed to save most of Pizzly’s toys, bake a fresh batch of sugar cookies and not the tube kind mind you (well okay they were the kind out of the bucket, but I did add decoration and did not eat all of the batter on a spoon like I wanted to), and best of all I was able to drink an entire cup of coffee before it was completely cold!

And, I did this all before Pizzly and Papa Bear were out of bed!

This is what my mornings usually look like.
Saturday Morning in an already too short weekend, you are a harsh mistress, most often just showcasing in the harsh light of day how much housework I have been neglecting, but today I say Saturday Morning bring it on! And now off to sort laundry and I might even take a shower with body-wash AND shampoo.

Oh wait I hear the cub a stirring! Now where is my cape?


  1. Sounds like my evenings lol!

  2. LOL!! ALL working moms have a superhero cape stashed somewhere!