Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Things that make me say...What the Pumpernickel???

The past 18 months have been great!  Everyday I learn something new about parenting and about getting older in general.  But, that isn't to say that there aren't a lot of things that I have seen that haven't made me stop and ask myself, "What the Pumpernickel??"

Here, I'll provide examples:

Older Guys being infantlike

No, I am not going to poke fun at people with incontinence issues.  What I am wondering about is why does it seem like there are so many old "men" out there who seem to be completely incapable of taking care of themselves.

It seems like 3/4's of the old guys I know expect their wives to wait on them hand and foot.  It isn't like they are all sugar daddies with much younger wives.  No, just some of them, but the majority of the women married to these guys are the same age or in some cases older.

So, why are these poor gals walking around behind these guys and picking up after them?  ( I know, I know my wife asks me the same question, so I am being a little hypocritical here, but I am honestly trying to be better.  It's just hard sometimes to remember to pick up my clothes when the boy is so much more exciting. Not that that is an excuse.)

And, Why are these women cooking and then serving their husband's meals on television trays while the guys are sitting in their arm chairs snapping their fingers?

It just doesn't make sense to me, and every time I hear of something like this I have to stop and wonder..."Can I try that safely?"

No, If I tried something like that I wouldn't be waking up in the morning, which is the way it should be.  

I just don't see any reason why somebody, even older gents, can't get their own damned food or take their own dirty dishes to the sink and clean them when they are done eating or, and I am guilty of this too, but like I said I am really trying to get better, put their own damned dirty clothes in the hamper.

There is no reason why cooking, serving, and cleaning up can't all be shared chores.

Geez...What the pumpernickel?!

If you are interested in High Def Glasses I found this website
High Definition Glasses

These little babies just confuse the hell out of me.  I mean who in their right mind is going to order a pair of yellow tinted safety glasses for $19.99?

Yeah I know, they are supposedly more than just safety glasses. They are "sun glasses" with anti-glare and uv-protection.  

Well, I hate to tell you this, but they have been making sun glasses with anti-glare and with uv-protection for years now.  These "special" glasses just have a yellow tint to them, which does make things look cool, but no cooler than my yellow tinted shop glasses, and OMG!!! they make them with uv protection and anti-glare too, and they go for $5 at the local retail store!

What the Pumpernickel?

Tantrums over Thomas

What you see to the right is not a happy go lucky boy playing with his trains.  If you look at his hands, you will notice that he is attempting to get them to stick together, but the train cars are not cooperating.

This is simply unacceptable, and resulted in a huge, rage filled toddler tantrum!

Ferkitty TRAINS!

<~~starts out like this

There take that

which turns into this ~~>

Cleaning up with Da is fun!

and after the track was rebuilt and the boy has calmed down, which happens almost instantaneously, we end up picking everything up, and he has to help, which for some reason he loves.

Now, the fact that he has tantrums isn't all that perplexing.  What makes me wonder, "What the Pumpernickel??" is the fact that he knows how to line the magnets up and get them to stick together, so why does he insist on throwing a monkey's turd chucking fit every once in awhile when they don't fit together.  All he has to do is turn one of the cars around and Voila! Problem's solved.  

This Potty training video

I was searching through youtube to see if I could find some decent potty training tips and came across this gem.  All I can say is...What the Pumpernickel?

What has got you saying, "What the Pumpernickel?" lately?

P.s.  If you are wondering "Why pumpernickel?"  There are two reasons really.
1.) It sounds dirty to me for some reason, and, therefore it is funny to me.
2.) Cause eff'em that's why!

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