Friday, August 26, 2011

Playdate Update

Yesterday, my wife shot me a website that was supposedly designed to make it easier for parents to arrange play dates for their kids.  

That's not the feeling I got from it, however.

The first thing I noticed was that all the photos were glamour shots and had the myspace angles thing going on.  I am not going to lie.  I was kind of creeped out.  

I remembered all the times my mom and dad threatened to sell me to the Gypsies when I was a little one.  Just think of how easy that would have been for them had the internet been around then and sites like this one were up and running

Anyway, after being completely horrified by that evil website I decided that the only way for the boy to actually learn to play with other kids was to go out to where other kids play.

This is the view of the science center from where we parked.
So, since it was a rainy day, I decided to take the boy to the science center.  

I had no idea what to expect, but I assumed it would be a miserable experience for me.

There is just something about screaming scads of children that makes me shudder!

But, I did some mental preparation and walked bravely, or how I would like to think as bravely, into the building with an overly excited little man.

It was nuts!

There were all these little brats running around and screaming.  The parents all looked shell shocked, and the young lady who took my money upon entrance gave me a look that screamed "Help!"

I won't lie.  I was scared!

By the end of the day he ended up getting in the water tub
It turns out that I didn't need to be because this place rocked.  I think that I had as much fun as the boy did. 

Well, probably not, but close.

Within the first few moments he found one of the water exhibits!

At first, he seemed to be the only one that wanted to play in the water, but before we knew it there seemed to be dozens of little kids splashing and screaming and laughing along with him.  It was pretty great...right up until the point my boy climbed up onto the tub and started splashing people.

Then I decided it was time to move on, which we did at high speed.  

I am not sure how we ended up at another water feature, but we did.  At least this one was outside, so I didn't really mind when he decided to get right into it and splash around until it was time to go home and he was dripping wet.

I can't believe how much fun we had and how many new friends we made both big and little.  We even have a play date there scheduled for tomorrow.

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