Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pingu! Remembering the Day I Met the Boy!

Here’s a little update.

Apparently the boy’s infatuation with Gaga was a one day thing.  Now, he couldn’t care less it seems because this morning he was all about Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and Todo of all things.  But, hey, I’m not complaining.  At least he isn’t trashing the place like he was when he was all about Gaga.

When he listens to these guys all he does is dance in a circle and laughs his teeny tiny buns off. 

It’s awesome!

Besides that little revelation, the boy and I have had a pretty uneventful day, which is nice because it gives me time to think a little bit while we sit and watch Pingu on the couch before this morning’s nap time.

It was Pingu that got me thinking.  It was the episode where Pinga, Pingu’s sibling, was hatched.

Throughout the episode it seemed as if Pingu was totally clueless.  The midwife penguin showed up and poor little Pingu was shoved off to the side and told to be quiet.  This part in particular got me to thinking or remembering more like.

I was remembering how clueless I was the moments before the little man was born.  Yeah, I watched the movies, and I knew what was going on physically and biologically, but as far as understanding goes.  I plainly didn’t.  I was dazed and confused.

The only difference between Pingu and me was that I wasn’t tossed off to the side and told to be quiet.  I got to be in the mix of things the entire time, but that doesn’t mean I had any clue of what was going on.   

Yeah, the nurses and my wife’s midwife were great at explaining absolutely everything to me and to my wife during the birthing process, but, nonetheless, I was clueless.  I was incapable of understanding anything at that moment.

About the only thing I understood was that I was going to be a daddy very much soon, and the how that was going to happen flew right over my head until I looked down and saw an eye poke out and look at me and then flee back to where it came from.

That’s when it hit me.

That’s when I realized that there was in fact a real live little human living inside my wife, and he needed to come out from somewhere.  Yeah yeah, like I said, I was well aware of the mechanics of what was going on biologically, but emotionally it hadn’t struck me until that moment when I first saw his tiny little misshapen head peek out.

He was no longer some theoretical little human anymore.  He was my SON!  He is my son.  I never thought that I could love anyone more than I love my wife, but I can and I do.  I love the boy most of all.  My wife will have to settle for being a distant second.

It's amazing what  kids show will make you think about and the memories it will bring up.

Thanks Pingu!

P.s. I also really want to congratulate one of my best friends and his wife who just brought a beautiful set of twins into the world on Monday.  I am so happy for you guys! 

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