Thursday, August 11, 2011

Parent Hood: "Looney Tunes" to Loony Bin?

It always amazes me how quickly the boy can change from sweet and innocent to complete bat crap insane! It is like he is bipolar or something, and the speed of the transition is utterly alarming!

One minute he can be peacefully sleeping and all angelic.  Then in the blink of an eye he is up and running around like his ass is on fire, and I’m struggling to keep up! 

It will never happen!  No matter how hard I try he is always just outside of my reach, taunting me with all his youthful energy!

I am going to keep it real here and say that there are times that it is almost unbearable...well not really unbearable but something akin to it.

I guess the word that I am trying to come up with is exhausting.  

Yes, that is exactly what it is at times, exhausting.  But, it isn't like I wasn't prepared for that.  I expected to be exhausted much of the time while the boy was still small.  However, I wasn't entirely prepared for how quickly toddlers can shift their moods and how quickly being a parent can vacillate from being exhilarating to being completely exhausting to being humorous in a "Looney Tunes" kind of way.

The boy woke up extra early this morning, which meant my day started extra early too.  "That's ok." I thought. "Being a Da means nothing if it doesn't mean being flixible right?"

Well, it started off pretty well.  The boy and I got up so mama could sleep a few more hours while the maniac burned off some of his energy.  So, we went down stairs and danced and played with the trains.  He was having a great time while I was struggling to just wake up. 

Then he started to crash.  If you have kids then you know what a crashing toddler looks like.  It looks like a train wreck!  Nothing can be done to assuage the fury of a crashing toddler!  You can't bribe them with the promise of delicious delicious cookies, you can't calm them with inane kid's shows, and you most certainly can't coax them back to sleep even though they desperately need it.

What can be done?


Well, that is true for me anyway.  I don't know about you.  You may have some awesome tricks that work, but I haven't discovered anything that works yet.  I just have to wait it out. 

Eventually it will happen.  He'll pass out just at the time when I think I am at my wits end and thoroughly exhausted from trying to keep up and then trying to calm down.

This parenting thing is enough to drive anybody looney!  Here it is not even 9 A.M. and I am ready for a little life sustaining elixir...well, not really...I guess another pot of coffee would do the trick nothing stronger though because I need to keep my wits about me for when the boy wakes up and runs me through the ringer again.

He's a wily one you know?! 

If I am not careful he'll end up having me in a straight jacket and surrounded by padded walls...well...maybe not so much.

As much as I say that the little man drives me batty with his antics and his mood swings I wouldn't have it any other way.   

Uh oh!  He's up again and groggily walking towards me.  Looks like game on again!

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