Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look!!! There's a Pizzly!

I stole the bear photo from
Thanks to my wonderful wife, I have come to a realization that my boy may not be human after all. 

He just might be a Pizzly!

What's a Pizzly?

Don't feel bad I didn't know what it was until a few days ago myself. 

A Pizzly is none other than a Grizzly bear and Polar bear hybrid, and according to Christine Cyr Clisset, who wrote "Pizzly Bears...," this Polar and Grizzly bear "hooking up" thing happens in the wild too, not just in zoo's and other artificial environments like everyone thought. And, they can and have produced viable offspring.


Do you know what that means?!

It means there's an awesome new bear called a Pizzly Bear! That's what it means!

Anyway, this knowledge of a new breed of bear sparked a discussion between my wife and I, and we somehow determined that the boy must be a Pizzly!

I mean come on look at him. 

He's glow in the dark white, hairy, and occasionally has a bad attitude!

He has to be a Pizzly!

But, that would make my wife and I bears too, which leads to the question of who is what bear.

It's a no brainer!

                      Mama Bear (Polar)

My wife is obviously the Polar Bear not because of her cold heartedness but because of her stunning good looks, awesome brain power and self-proclaimed "mad skillz yo!"

With that in mind she's a natural as a Polar Bear!

Papa Bear (Grizzly)

That would make me the Grizzly Bear by default, but that's ok. It seems to fit me pretty well because besides being big and hairy I am often stubborn, often grumpy, and I am clumsier than a Polar Bear.

And, between the two of us we've created the perfect amalgamation of Polar and Grizzly Bear in human form.

                                  Baby bear (Pizzly)

He's smart, super cute, incredibly cranky at times, and, as you can see in the above picture of his back, he's working on being a hairy little devil.

Yep. He's gotta be a Pizzly. A vicious vicious Pizzly!

And, together, we are a Beary happy family!

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