Monday, August 15, 2011

How's the.........What? Oooh Look! A Fire Truck!

Well, this weekend has probably been one of the best weekends we have had around here in awhile.   We went and saw some live music, the little guy got to play with some of our local firefighters, and he got too play with another little maniac.  How wicked is that?

Oh!  By now you are probably wondering what this logo thing is you are seeing.  Well...I'll tell you.   

The myth, the man, the legend. Mr. Soup doing his thing!  
You can listen to his songs either on his facebook page or 
his myspace page.
How's the Soup? is this awesome, singer and song writer that we heard on Saturday when we went to a benefit concert  supporting victims of violence, and let me tell you.  The boy loved him!  So did I...well not love love him, but I really enjoyed listening to him.

His music was up beat and clever.  Well, more than clever.  It was humorous. Unexpectedly humorous.  

I mean come on!  He wrote a song called "Big Bad Billy Bug" and one called "My Pet Stick."  The lyrics to his songs were hilariously quirky and were a perfect way to start a fun filled afternoon.

You know, the whole time I listened and danced with the little man I wondered "What little kid wouldn't love this?  Hell, I really like this."

Then I thought, "This guy must be a total murtherfurkin genius!  Why isn't he rich by now?!"

Yeah, his songs are geared towards little ones, but if you listen to his lyrics there are a lot of jokes that we parents can appreciate too while our brats are screaming and dancing to the music.  

This guy could be the real life Charley Waffles!   All he needs is a song about boobies to go along with his song about a hot grandma named Gurty and he's there!

Anyway, just when I didn't think that the day could get any better, the little man spotted a shiny, cherry red fire truck!  


He was off like a shot, and by the time we caught up to him he was already half way to the truck with a playmate/dancing partner/running around frantically companion.  

After that, we didn't have a choice.  We just had to go and look at the big shiny truck with all the gadgets on it. 

What made the whole afternoon that much better was the fact that the firefighters actually took the time to hang out with the little man and his friend.  

These guys put both the kids right up onto the truck and let them play with anything they wanted.  

It was awesome!  

What really impressed me was the fact that these guys actually took the time to explain what every piece of equipment was used for and answered any questions that the kids had...well...they answered the questions that my boy's friend asked because she, as a five year old, could speak.  The boy more or less babbled with a few words thrown in there every once in awhile.

Anyway, these awesome firefighters took the kids all around the truck showing off all the gadgets, and then let them crawl around in the cab and sit behind the wheel.  

It was rockin' cool!

But, I have to admit.  I was a little jealous that I didn't get to sit in the truck...I guess there is always next time.

Man, what a day it was though. Live music, frantic dancing, and a firetruck! No wonder I am still recuperating from it two days later.  I'm too old to have that much fun at one time.


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