Friday, August 19, 2011

Dad You Need Some Coffee!

After my wife left for work this morning, the boy started acting all weird.  

He was hugging me and not actively trying to harm me...that's strange!  

I immediately knew something was up, and when he opened the dishwasher and handed me my "sippy" cup all sweetly my suspicions were confirmed.  

Well, actually it is my wife's sippy.  

He picked it out for her for her birthday.

Anyway, as he handed me the empty mug I swear he told me, "You better get some coffee Da because you are going to need it today!"

Uh oh...this sounds ominous!

So, I did what any one would do.  I listened to the little bugger and filled my big boy sippy with coffee, high test.  

Then I heard some strange clicking sounds.

"What's that?"  I asked out loud.

The bugger baited me with the promise of coffee to get on the computer, and when I came up behind him he was instant messaging my wife!  

What a sneaky little bugger!  

So, that's why I needed coffee is it?

No.  That wasn't the only reason.  He was actually giving me a real heads up too, and I appreciate that. 

As you can see, he seems to be a little energetic this morning.  Just the way I like him to be, but he was right.  

Dada really needs a little pick me up if he is going to be able to keep up because for some reason he is still tired from yesterday's excursion. 

We went to our local park/waterworks.  They have a fenced in area where there are deer and various types of fowl that you can look at.

Well, when we got there the boy went nuts!

Apparently, merely looking at the animals behind the fence wasn't good enough for him.  He had to get down and run around.  Nothing less would be acceptable.

So, he was allowed to briefly run wild as long as he stayed with us because there was no one else there and the parking lot directly behind us was void of human life.

He did alright for a moment, but then he just had to push his luck and run off!  

We gave chase, caught the little bugger, and decided to give him another chance at freedom.

That's when it went wrong.  Horribly wrong!

The poor little man was viciously mugged!  

It all happened so quickly that  there was nothing that I could do for the poor little guy.

Luckily all the gangster got was the boy's cracker!  

I'm pretty sure he was hoping for a finger or two also, but he never got the chance to go in for secondsies!

Notice the scars on this buck.
                             He's obviously a veteran 
goose fighter
The boy was saved when a rival gang arrived on scene, and a major turf war ensued!

It was almost too horrible to describe.  There were feathers and antlers flying every where!  

I was too dumbfounded at the senseless violence to react at first, but that soon changed once the first innocent bystander was struck down.

I panicked.  If a poor, innocent duck was thrown into this weird critter on critter war, what's stopping them from attacking us?

But, I still couldn't move!  I was too terror stricken!

Then, for a second time we were saved when a battle hardened doe knocked some sense into me and told me to take my family and run.  

And, that I did.  


No wonder I'm still tired today!

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