Monday, July 25, 2011


First off, I realize that I was a stupid kid once.  Perhaps, I was even stupider than a lot of the kids I see nowadays, but that isn't the point now is it?

I have grown up a littler since then, and I hope that these idiots grow out of this phase of stupidity and assholishness too.

Yes, I fully admit that I used to yell at people out of the windows of my car, and I switched the signs in people's yards that advertised for one candidate or another during election season, and my friends and I had water balloon fights from within our cars while we were driving on country roads, but that was about the extent of my assholishness.

Granted, that is more than enough because I realize now how annoying it can be to watch all this stupidity going down, but I would like to think that even when we were doing all that...we still weren't as bad as the teenage kids I see walking around town now.

Yeah, I was annoying, but I would never be belligerent to an adult for no apparent reason, I wouldn't have dared vandalize someone's property, I wouldn't have had the balls to smoke when I was underage because in my small town the law was actually enforced at that time, and I certainly wouldn't have intentionally hurt anyone.

You see, we, the group of friends I hung out with and myself of course, had an invisible line that we wouldn't cross because deep down we didn't want to be thought of as hooligans even if that was exactly what we were.

Apparently, everything has changed since then.  Even though kids have always been stupid assholes, they are even more so now.

I just hope that my kid doesn't follow that trend even though I am sure that he will anyway eventually.  Luckily, I have a number of years before he is a teen, so maybe the trend will be different then.

I doubt it however because, like I said, teens have always been stupid and have had assholish tendencies.  That isn't likely to change ever.

You are probably asking yourself what I am on about, so I will tell you.

This morning I went to the family truckster and fired her up only to see smoke come pouring out of the engine compartment.  Not too cool.  

So, I took it to the mechanic and dropped it off.  Mind you, I had the boy with me and no one to come and pick me up.  No big deal I thought.  I'll just walk since it is only about a a mile away from my house and it wasn't god awful hot out yet.  

Besides, I thought that the walk was supposed to cool me down a little since I was a bit testy due to the issues my beloved truckster was giving me.

Well, the walk did nothing to calm me down.  As you may know, it is summer time, which means that all the kids are out of school for summer vacation, which, in turn, means that they are all over the place doing idiotic things wrongly believing that they are being cool.

Therefore, the mile walk home seemed to take forever because witnessing all the stupidity going on around me was extremely tedious.  

I watched as a civic full of teeny boppers threw what seemed to be a big gulp out the window at an old man, I saw some kid hanging out of a rusted ford ranger screaming out his window at me, which woke the little man up from his stroller nap and made him cry, and then the most annoying thing happened.

Some little teen girl decided that she was going to hassle me as I walked by her.  Granted, it wasn't a bad hassling, but I was already quite pissed by then.  

Anyway, as I passed by she came up to me and said, "I sure hope that your kid doesn't turn out to be fat like you." which made all her little asshole buddies laugh, but not as much as my reply did, which was "As long as he doesn't turn out as stupid as you he'll be alright."

Now, normally I wouldn't have said anything and just ignored the little brat, but as I said a few times already I was quite testy by that point.

But, that doesn't mean that I don't feel bad about being mean to a little kid.  After all she might have been 16-17 tops, so it really isn't her fault that she has no manners and is stupid.  It is the hormones, the excruciating need to fit in, and poor parenting, which is probably the kid's biggest problem, that turned this poor little girl into an asshole who stupidly thinks that being obnoxious is cool. 

Yeah, I know.  You can only put so much blame on the parents because they can't be blamed for every poor decision that their kid makes, but you have to admit.  Stupid people tend to spawn stupid kids, and this really shows during the teenage years. 

And this, is why I believe that there should be some sort of test or something that people have to pass before they have children. 

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