Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Potty Time!!

We had a major break through yesterday.  The little man only had two potty related accidents all day.  I am so proud of him!  This is a big frickin' deal for a 17 month old!

It's a huge deal for his Da too!

Let me tell you something.  There isn't a nicer sound in the world than the sound of baby flatulence reverberating within a plastic froggy potty.  It is utterly musical and magical and anything else good that you can think of.

It's even kind of cute too.  Sometimes he strains so hard to get the peepee and poopoo out that he kicks his feet up in desperation.  I have to giggle a little because it is so darned cute.  I would show you guys, but I kind of decided that pictures of a nudie patootie isn't a great idea, so you will have to just take my word for it.  It's cute!

But, with all that straining, I worry that he is going to give himself hemorrhoids or something.

Okay.  So, I am not really all that worried about it. 

Anyway, I swear that the reason he tries so hard is because my wife and I say things like, "Poor hungry potty" or "Potty's soo hungry and thirsty."  

Of course, potty only eats and drinks little boy peepee and poopoo.  Luckily, we have one of those.  Otherwise, I am afraid that poor potty would starve to death.

I guess the cheese doddles that we give our little guy as payment for his work might have something to do with his trying so god awful hard.

Mmmm...delicious, delicious cheese doodles.

Why do they make you so delicious?!

Anyway, whatever the reason for our recent potty break through I am ecstatic over it.  It will be really nice when we won't have to mess around with diapers anymore, and it's great that the poo's are finally starting to hit the plastic more frequently than the floor or couch or my lap or wherever else the little guy has been to known to squat and take a crap.

P.s. As proof that yesterday wasn't just fluke the little guy left a log in the potty this morning.  I would post a pic of it, but even I have my limits of grossness! 

On second thought...I don't.  Here's a pic for your enjoyment anyway.

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