Friday, June 17, 2011

"Foofa is Freakin' Happy"

Yeah, I am pretty sure that it is really "Foofa is Pink and happy," but it really sounds like "Freakin' happy" to me.

Recently, my son has started watching a kids show called “Yo! Gabba Gabba,” and all I really have to say about it is “What the Hell?”

I really don’t understand why he loves it so much, but he does.

The moment that the opening credits start he is enthralled and dancing like a fiend, and he doesn’t stop dancing until it is all over.   The people that created this show are geniuses!  I wish I would have thought of it myself.  

I would be filfy rich by now! (Yes, I did mean it to sound like Filfy and not filthy)

Who would have thought that dressing up a few people in outlandish costumes and outfits and have them dance around like spazzes to a little hip hop for a half an hour would be such a hit with the youngsters?  Pure Genius I tell You!

I love it!  That this show encourages the little ones to exercise and be all spazzy is great because after an episode or two my little man is about ready to sit down and chill for an hour.  Imagine that!  A while hour of quiet time!  Wonderful! 

The only down side is that I end up watching it too, and I can feel my brain decaying as I do.

It is just so inane!

As a parent I think it is great, but as an adult I quickly find all the silly little songs and creepy dancing characters, especially the lead character with the furry hat, dreadfully annoying.  I just want to yank my eye balls out of the sockets and rip all my hair out while screaming in rage! 

What really frustrates me though is that the songs get stuck in my head for an eternity.  “There’s a party in my tummy!  Yummy! Yummy!...” 

Aahh!  Why won’t it stop?!  I am afraid that pretty soon my ears are going to start bleeding!  But, what can I do?  The little guy loves it.

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