Saturday, May 14, 2011

Why am I Doing this and What is a Brazilian Wax Job?!

Last night as I was stirring the shrimp and onions I was preparing for dinner I was thinking about this blog of all things.  A few people have been asking me why I waste my time doing it, which made me wonder why too.   I don’t consider it a waste of time by any means, but I don’t really have an answer for them as to why I continue to write.

Is it because I crave the attention?  No. Not really, although I would be a liar if I said that I didn’t care if people liked my blog or not.  I guess deep down I am constantly searching for the approval of others.

So, if not for the attention, am I writing this blog to be helpful to other people?  Again, not so much apparently because I have received mainly only negative e-mails in the past about how unhelpful this blog was. 

When it comes down to it, the only reason I can think of that makes me write here is that it is a major pressure reliever for me.  All of you who have children can understand this I hope.  Our kids drive us crazy at times!   Sometimes the only way to calm down is to just sit down while the little ones are napping and let it out the best way you can.  For me, my best stress reliever is to write down what is going on.  I guess in that respect I am using my blog as an online journal.

But, that wasn’t my original intention.  I was reminded of that in a checkout line at the grocery store when I picked up a parenting magazine.

You know, no matter how hard I try to stay from these parenting magazines they always seem to draw me in with their promises of helpful hints and easy meals.  If you have read any magazines that make such promises, you probably already know that 90% of the articles aren’t all that helpful.  Well, the magazine I was reading in line was no different. 

As I flipped through the pages my eye caught sight of a new family truckster that was coming out soon, which I thought was pretty snazzy looking, but ultimately way out of my league price wise.  Well, I can dream right?  Anyway, on that same advertisement there were the words “We’ll show you how to do a painless Brazilian Wax on page [so and so].”  

This got me wondering.

What the heck is a Brazilian wax?

I honestly thought it had something to do with the car I was looking at, but I have never heard of any such thing before. 

Well, before I could turn to the page to find out what it was it was my turn to check out, and I wasn’t going to buy the magazine because I already have two or three delivered to my house. So, I put the magazine back checked out and went home.  At home I asked my wife, “Have you ever heard of a Brazilian wax job?” 

I knew something was up when she smirked at me and said, “Why don’t you Google it honey?”

Yeah, she knew what it meant!  She just wanted me to find out on my own.

Well, I had no choice.  If I wanted to know what it was I was going to have to look it up, and when I was searching for an answer I was shocked and a little disappointed.  At first, I was shocked because I couldn’t believe how many adult sites featured this, and then I was disappointed because no car sites popped up. 

“What the hell?!” I thought out loud. 

My wife started to giggle her evil little giggle that she does when she is going to do something evil to me like dump ice water on me or something.  This unnerved me a little bit.  I kept a keen eye on my surroundings, waiting to get hit by a hammer or something.  Well, the hammer came, but it wasn’t what I thought it would be.

I found a site that offered a detailed description at   

I got down to the part where it said, “This is what it usually means to get a Brazilian - hot wax will be applied to one of the most sensitive parts of your body. And sorry, but for most people, pubic hair removal is going to be a bit painful. 

Then, I became horrified.

I looked at my darling little wife and asked in astonishment, “What is wrong with you people?!”  That drew a little laughter as you can guess.  I kept reading anyway, and I am glad to know that there are freakish guys who do this too. 

After that I wondered why the heck they had something like that in a parenting magazine.  Shouldn’t magazines supposedly dedicated to parenting cover other issues than the “beautification” of people?

It is articles that involve things like this Brazilian wax job think that started me on this blog in the first place. 

When I first started writing I had this grand idea that I could start some sort of revolution or something to make parenting magazines focus more on parenting.  But, that spirit quickly died after the first day or so.  I could never stick to anything.  Quickly following that, I only had one goal, and that was to write 50 posts and get 500 page views.  I have accomplished both goals now, but I am still not stopping. 

What can I say? 

I can’t drink, so I may as well write.  I am not delusional enough to think that I write well, but I am not doing it for that.  I just need something to keep my pee-brain active, and it is nice to get things off of my chest every once in a while.

So, after some thought, that is why I write a blog.  You can stop asking now.

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  1. Thanks for the giggle!What a refreshing thing to have a Dad blogging on staying at home.Your children may read this when older and smirk but I think they will be very proud also! Well done!No need for you to apologise for anything, just keep doing what you doing and be proud.