Friday, May 6, 2011

Putting the Little Man to Work for my Birthday!

Well, my birthday is coming up!  I am going to be 30 on Sunday, which means that the little man has been pestering me for what I want.  Ok, so he hasn’t been really, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t put him to work on it anyway.

That’s right!  I have already started working him like a slave picking rocks out of my garden in preparation for this summer’s growing season.  That is the best birthday present I can think of.

Now, don't get me wrong!  I am not really expecting my 15 month old to really work.  I just want him to feel included and for us to do things together as a family.  Isn't that important? 

I think so.

Yes, I have been told that it might be a little early to start making the little man work, but my philosophy is a little different.  I think that if your kid can do something to help out then they should.  There is nothing wrong with having expectations of your child.  I am not saying I expect him to do a lot.  I just think it is perfectly alright to encourage him to help his mama and dada when we are playing outside and picking up around the yard.   It is fun for everyone!  My wife and I get to get things done that need to be done, and we get to hang out with our baby boy at the same time. It's awesome!  And, it is really cute to watch him helping just like a big boy would.

Now, you may be asking, what does our son get out of the deal?

Well, he gets to run around outside, and play with us because, with him around, even tedious chores feel like we're playing games.  Plus, I am sure that it makes him feel like a big boy when he is allowed to help us out!  What kid doesn't want to be included in a family activity like that?  Allowing him to help us also gives him many opportunities to play jokes on us, which he is famous for now-a-days.  

If you look at the picture above it may look like he is putting rocks in the bucket, but what he is actually doing is taking rocks out of the bucket and burying them in the dirt.  Apparently, that was great fun.  Hilarious even!

I hate to tell you this, but I really think it was too.  There is nothing like having a little one around to remind you that life doesn’t have to be so serious.  They can find the fun in just about anything, even picking rocks out of the garden.  What a little stress reliever!  It is hard to believe that he will be the cause of some of my stress when he gets a little older.  

Eventually he got tired of rock picking and decided his sand box needed some work done.

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