Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Smoking at the Park

The little man and I went to the park the other day and immediately smelled cigarette smoke again, which pissed me off because this is an ongoing problem, and it is always the same trashy mom smoking there.  But, she isn't the only one doing it.  

You know, I don’t care if you want to smoke.  I am totally cool with that.  I am also alright if you want to smoke around your kid too even though I think it is a terrible idea.  But, I sure as hell don’t want you smoking around my baby boy especially when he is at the park running around and having a good time and there are maybe 10-20 no smoking signs about.  There are just some places where it is totally inappropriate to light up and the public park and playground is one of those places.

In fact, it is a pretty safe bet that anywhere where you think that kids may be present you probably shouldn’t be smoking.  I am not saying this because I think it is a disgusting dirty habit.  Like I said before, I don’t care if you smoke or not.  I am assuming that you know the risks of it.  I am saying this because smoking around other people’s children is totally inconsiderate. 

It is just plain rude of you to be blowing your cigarette smoke around willy-nilly where little kids are playing.  Sure, you may think that increasing your child’s risk of getting asthma or lung cancer is perfectly acceptable in order for you to enjoy the sweet savory taste of your cigarette, but I don’t.  So, please leave your cancer sticks at home when you come to the park to play with your kids.

You know, at first I wasn’t too awfully upset about this because I assumed that the smokers just couldn't read, but now I am fed up with it because it is always the same lady who shows up with the same 4 kids.  No, of course she isn't the only smoker at the park.  She just happens to be there all the time.  I have tried showing up at the park at different times of the day, but I swear she lives there because she is always there.  

I haven’t discussed my disapproval with her at smoking there because I know she’ll just get belligerent about it. There are some people that you just can't confront because they are either too stupid to care, too entitled to listen, or too spiteful to do anything about differently because some one else asked them to.  She definitely fits into at least one, if not all three, of these categories.   I know this because I watched her get mad at another mother who said to her, “I am not sure if you know this or not, but this sign right here says that this is a tobacco free zone, and these little signs here say that there is no smoking on these premises.”      

Sure enough, that started a bickering festival, which I found to be very amusing.  They weren't screaming at each other, but they were sure cursing each other out in hushed tones thinking that the kiddos wouldn't notice.  

So, what should I do to make sure my little man doesn't have to be around smokers while he plays?

Well, the simple solution is to not go to the park anymore, but that kind of sucks.  We have tried other parks, but they really aren't any better because wherever children congregate to play there seems to be parents who want to smoke there too.  It is bizarre!  So far, my wife and I have decided that the best thing for us to do is to leave anytime that lady, or any other smoker, shows up and lights up while we are at the park, which stinks because the little man is always sad to have to leave when he is having a good time running around.  Luckily, we have a brand new swing set for  him to play on now, but the swing set doesn’t come with friends to play with anytime he wants.  But, at least it is something.     

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