Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother is...

Well, today is my birthday, but it is also mother’s day too.  Hmm…should I be selfish and write about me or about moms?  I am going to write about moms of course and how awesome they are!  I write about me all the time because, let’s face it that is what bloggers are best at.  We all think that we are worthy and deserve praise and that people actually want to read what we write.  

Anyway, since today’s mother’s day it is only right to try and remember all the great things that mothers are.  I know that this is an impossible task because you can never in a million years encapsulate all of what being a mother is or means, and you can never fully understand just how important they are or were to you, but you can try.  So, that is what I aim to do today.

Mothers are warriors! 

You never want to wrong a mother's child!  A mother is a relentless opponent when it comes to her children.  

If you have never seen a mother defending her child I hope that you never do because one; I hope that there is never a situation that someone you know has to defend their child; and 2 it gets pretty scary!  I have seen what happens during little skirmishes, but I have never seen what happens when a mom goes into all out battle mode, and I hope I never do.  I have heard stories though and have seen the aftermath.  

I remember watching the news a few years back where a mom was carjacked.  The carjackers took the car before she was able to grab her child out of the back seat.  Well, what do you think this mom did?  Did she scream for someone to call the police?  Yes, but only as she chased the car down, jumped on the roof of it, crawled through the sun roof, and then managed to stop the guy drag him out of the car and beat him severely.  That is one incident of serious warrior mom skills. 

Most moms I know will do anything for their children, and I, for one, am not going to test that out!  I fear it would be like getting between a bear and her cub.  You just don’t do that if you have any common sense!

Mothers are Givers!

Think of the best gift you can possibly give someone.  Is it a new car? Would it be a new house?  Sure, those are nice gifts and all, but compared to giving birth, giving the gift of life to someone it is nothing! 

Soon to be mothers spend forty weeks of their life creating these little beings inside of their bodies providing all the nourishment and everything the child needs.  It all comes from the mother herself, which is incredible!  Then she has to go through all the trouble of getting these babies out by herself.  Sure, you can argue that the father of the children is there sometimes and maybe a midwife or a doctor, but what are they really doing?  It isn’t them that is going through all the pain.  I wasn’t the one suffering  while my wife was struggling through contractions and giving birth to my amazing son.  I was the one watching the Olympics telling my wife to quiet down so I could hear the commentary.  Here is a word of advice.  That kind of crap is not funny!  It left me fighting for my life, so don’t make the same mistake I did!

Mothers are lovers!

Not only do moms love their husbands, which is totally awesome, but they are capable of loving a person no matter what as long as he or she is their child.    It doesn’t matter how terrible their kid turns out.  Momma will always love them.  You have all heard the saying “There is no gift like the gift of a mother’s love” right?  Well, it’s true isn’t it?!  How cool is it knowing that your mom will love you no matter what?  I tell you it is pretty damn cool!

Mothers can find beauty in the ugliest things!

We all know that the vast majority of newborn babies are ugly as sin.  Now, think of the last new born you saw.  What did the new momma say?  “Oh they are beautiful!” or some such thing right?  It isn’t that she is unwilling to admit she gave birth to an ugly troll and Yoda cross breed looking thing.  A new momma honestly believes that her baby is the most beautiful thing in the world.  You know what?  She is right.  There really is something beautiful about ugly little newborns, but for moms it is different.  They continue to see the beauty in their children forever.

Moms have this awe inspiring ability to see beyond the physical and look deep inside their child’s soul.  Then they have the ability to draw this beauty out for everyone to see with just a few words.  Can dad’s do that?  I don’t think so, and I am a dad and a pretty damn good one at that.

Mothers are Artists!

Mothers are the absolute best of life’s sculptors and painters.  They don’t always work in oils or pastels or clay, but they all work in something much more.  They do their work in the medium of life.  They mold and carve and sculpt their children into what they become as adults.  Then mothers start painting and creating a picture of everything that their children are capable of.  

Mothers are Guides!

After mothers have created us and sculpted us into who we are and finished showing us everything that we are capable of, are moms help us down those very same paths.  They act as our guides, helping us along.  They provide us with direction when we get lost.  They catch us as we stumble.  They pick us up once we have fallen.  They help us gather the pieces if we break.  Then they help us rebuild.

A mother’s job never ends.  They are always there.

Mothers are Soothers!

Who else has the ability to make everything all better?  No one!  I remember falling down and getting hurt and one kiss from my mom on my booboo and the hurt would instantly be gone.

No one but mom has the power to do that.  She has the power to make the world all right and to make you feel instantly better.  I wish I could do that for my son, but I can’t.  I don’t have that power.  Well, not like his mommy does anyway.  If she is home he always runs to her after he has fallen or hurt himself in some way.  You can see that once she holds him he instantly feels better.   I am so jealous of that special bond that only my wife has with our son, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It is just so natural and powerful. 

Above all Mothers are Beautiful!    

Because of everything that moms are and all of what they do mothers are beautiful!  Who else can love and give everything they have and be happy while doing it?  Who else can smile at someone or look at someone and convey meaning and thought without saying a word?  Only a mom can, and more specifically only your mom can. 

There is never any question of what your mother thinks when she looks at you.  No one else is capable of communicating with you like that.  So, for that and for creating and bringing life into this world and for everything else that they do, mothers are beautiful people,  and it pleases me to no end that my wife is the best and most beautiful mom of them all.  

I love you honey bear, and so does our little man.  Happy Mother's day to you and to all the other Mothers out there!  


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