Friday, May 13, 2011

The Little Man Makes me Cooler by Association!

The Little Man has the Power to make everything cool, even me.

Of all the things that I love about my baby boy, I would have to say that his ability to like just about everything is the quality that most surprises me.  For instance, he absolutely loves music.  He can find the beat and dance to anything from Bach and Beethoven to Kiss and Killswitch Engage!  Just this morning we danced to George Strait and then to some Metallica transitioning as naturally as if the song never changed.  If it has a beat and a melody he is going to enjoy it.  Sometimes, all it has to have is a beat and he is going to start dancing.  It is awesome. 

But, I have to wonder.  Why is it that my baby boy can be so open minded about music and think any music is cool?   Well, the answer to that is that he makes it cool.  He can make anything cool, even me!

How does he manage it though?

I chalk it up to him being too young to have developed prejudices.  I just hope that he stays that way, not just for music but for everything of course.  I hate to sound trite, but it is kind of inspiring.  He amazes me with his ability to find the beauty and joy in everything that he comes across.  It is so cool that he has no inhibitions!  If he likes the music he hears he is going to dance to it.  He’s not afraid to look “foolish.”  And you know what?  Because he isn’t afraid he looks pretty damn cool in whatever he does!  I wish I could be like that.   

He doesn’ t even have to try.  It just doesn’t seem fair somehow! 

I could never be as cool as my son is and he is only 15 months old.  He can rock the bed head, the stained up clothes, and even the mismatching outfit.  I can’t do any of that.  When I walk around if my hair is messy or if my clothes are stained people always think I am a bum and try to give me money or something.  I’ve even been stopped by a police officer once while I was walking down the street because the officer thought I was intoxicated.  How crazy is that? 

Well, that doesn’t happen when I have the little man out and about with me because, like I said, he can make anything cool, even me.  Now, when people see me out and about with my baby boy and they see that we both have messy hair and stained clothes and neither one of us have outfits on that “go” together they think that we are cool because we are dressed alike.  It is like we are wearing matching outfits or something.  The only thing that is lacking is that my son doesn’t have a teeny tiny little cane. 

Hopefully, he will never need one, but I am thinking about making one for him just complete the idea.

Anyway, the best thing about having a son who is totally cool is that I can now do things in public without being totally embarrassed.  As long as he is with me I can feel free to sing and dance with him through the aisles of Walmart or Tops and no one will say anything.  So, no I may not be as cool as him, but by just being around him makes me a little cooler, and I need all the help that I can get.


  1. Saw your note about the bad apples. Thank you so much for supporting breastfeeding! By the way...your little man is sooooo cool!!!!!

    Mummies Nummies

  2. Thanks!!! The only problem is that he is finally starting realize just how cool he is, and I am afraid he is going to use that against me at some point.