Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Confirmed. I'm a Fatty!

I am in a quandary.  As parents we all try to teach our children that ever body is different and that it is good thing to be different.  We try to teach our kids not to be hateful or hurtful to others because of these differences, whether they are visible or not, but at the same time we want them to be healthy and average in appearance so they won't get picked on or have other hooligans make them feel bad about themselves.  I guess what I really mean is that we don’t want  our kids to be fat and be made to feel bad about it really.  

The reason I bring this up is because at my last doctor’s visit I had confirmation that I was indeed fat.  Apparently, I wasn't surprised enough, which got me a lecture on what being a fatty could mean.  I stopped listening up until the point where I was sure he said something about being refused admittance to the all you can eat buffets.  That would suck!  

Seriously though, what my good doctor, who I really like, failed to realize is that I already knew I was a fatty.  I didn't need his confirmation.     I am just not that worried about it.  I am fairly happy with who I am, and I don't believe that there is anything wrong with being fat.  Apparently, I am wrong to think like this though.  

In fact, I am so wrong about the gravity of this situation, which is fairly strong because I am a huge fatty, that my good doctor wrote me a letter and sent it through the mail as a friendly little reminder to me that I was fat.  So, in response I did what I know best.  I ate it!  Because screw him that's why!  No, I didn't really eat the letter, but I did think to myself, "Thank you, but I am not sure that I needed a reminder doctor man.  I don't think that my fatness is something that I am likely to forget somehow.  But, I guess you never know."

Anyway, now I am trying to lose weight in earnest and I am hoping that I can do it before the little man starts asking questions.  Well, really all I am doing differently is cutting out all the snacking I do, which isn't really a big deal.  But, now I am wondering how I am going to tell my son that there are all sorts of different people and we shouldn’t judge anyone on their appearance but on their actions when I am trying to change my appearance because a doctor told me that I am morbidly obese?  I am not even really sure why I am trying when my doctor even said that my obesity didn’t necessarily mean that I am unhealthy.  He really said that I might feel better if I was thinner.  I think he really meant that I would be better to look at if I was thinner, but maybe I was reading too much into it.  He assured me that wasn't what he meant at all, but would be true all the same.  You see that is why I like my new doctor so much!  He has a sense of humor!  You don't find that in a lot of doctors. 

Anyway, it may be true that I would feel better if I lost weight , but I am pretty sure that I don't feel bad because I am fat.  I feel bad because I have a genetic disease that makes me feel sick a lot of the time.  I admit I also have high blood pressure that may be caused by my extraordinary fatness, but my doctor said that there was a chance that it wasn't because of my obesity at all.  It might be genetic or something.  Either way, losing some weight wouldn't hurt.

Back to my real predicament.  What I need to know is should I teach my son that people of all shapes and sizes are fine and deserve respect because there really is no normal when it comes to appearance, or do I teach him that it is ok for people to look different as long as they aren’t fat because fat is gross and probably unhealthy?   It isn't hard to tell which I am going to teach to my baby boy because a person's weight is really no means of determining their overall health, and I am surely not going to allow my son to think poorly of someone just because they are heavy.  How superficial is that?  Besides, I would never want my son, or anyone really, to feel bad because of their weight or how they look.  That just isn't right.  If you are happy the way you are why should anyone else care?  It's none of their business.

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