Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ditching the Plans

One of the things that I have noticed lately is that it is getting increasingly harder to try and plan anything as my son gets older.   If it’s not the weather that is screwing things up it is sure to be something else, and when new teeth are coming in you can forget about any kind of plans whatsoever.  I have never seen anyone change moods as fast as my little man changes his moods when he is teething.  One minute he’ll be the best little angel ever and then out of nowhere I have the demon baby from hell screaming and throwing a massive fit for seemingly no reason.  How can I take such a cranky toddler out and about?  It will only make him more miserable.  

So, with that in mind I have decided to plan as  little as possible from now on until my baby boy learns to speak and can tell me what is going on. 

Don’t get me wrong, we still go out and have fun at the park or go for walks and stuff, but I have to predict what he will be like when we do this.  I feel like a meteorologist trying to forecast the little man’s moods instead of the weather.  I envision myself standing in front of a green screen saying things like, "Today will be cloudy with a 70% chance of tantrums due to a rising molar, so we might have to forego todays shopping trip.  But, you never know really.  Today's forecast is a tricky one." 

I would like to say that I am always correct in my predictions, but we all know that that would be a lie.  In reality you can't possibly foresee someone's mood like that, and if I hit the mark three quarters of the time I feel extremely lucky because when I fail it is usually a miserably embarrassing failure.  

Let’s face it no one wants to own up to having the kid that screams inconsolably at the store or park or wherever.  Luckily, I usually get the hell out of dodge before that happens so no one can see what is going down, but there have been a one or two occasions when I wasn’t quick enough at the draw.  Let me tell you, it is really awkward to try and hobble out of a store while a toddler is screaming in your face and kicking at the same time.  That’s why when the little man starts to get uppity I tend to drop whatever it is I am doing and we end up leaving the store right away.      

Lately, another reason has developed that makes planning things in advance a little difficult.  The little man’s nap schedule has been thrown wickedly off.  He used to sleep from 8-10 in the morning then from 1-3 or 4 in the afternoons.  Well, now he sleeps whenever the heck he feels like it because he is a big boy, and no matter how much I try to coax him and how tired he really is he isn’t going to go down for a nap unless he feels like it.  He can be such a little monster sometimes!   I can't even really describe how wicked some of these fights about nap time get.  

Originally, I thought that the reason he started fighting naps so hard was because he is a little older now, around 14 months, and he might not need to sleep so much anymore.  Wrong!  He still needs his sleep and just as much of it.  He just is either too uncomfortable because of his new teeth coming in or he doesn’t want to admit being tired enough to actually fall asleep and be happy.  Either way, the end result sucks for both of us.  I end up with a cranky toddler sized hit man and he gets so tired that the poor fellow can’t even think straight.  I hear that it will get better soon, and I really hope that that is correct.

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