Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Defeat is Grand!

I realized this morning while I was dancing and singing and goofing around with the little man that my house has been truly taken over.   Everywhere you look there is evidence of a child.  You look in the living room and there are so many toys that they can’t all be put away nicely.  In the kitchen there are pieces of train track almost everywhere.  Evidently, there was a high speed crash that I missed.  There is even a mini vacuum cleaner next to the big one so the little man can vacuum with me if I ever get around to it.  It amazes me at how much stuff the boy has accumulated in only 14 months.  It also amazes me at how messy little boys can be, and that is coming from me a messy big boy.

I can’t tell you how awesome this all makes me feel.

    Yes, I said awesome and not awful.  Believe it or not, dada likes to play with his baby boy, and we have a great time almost every day having pretend tea parties and being train conductors and race car drivers.  The best part of it is that I don’t feel any pressure to pick up afterwards because I am fairly certain that it is a hopeless cause.  I’ll pick up but in five minutes all the toys will be out anyway.  But, that doesn’t matter because it is so much fun to play with my son that it is worth the mess.  But, today, I felt like being able to walk to my couch without tripping, that and I would kind of like to find my dvd remote that has been lost somewhere.  For some reason, I thought that if I found a spot for some of these toys I’d be able to find the remote. 

So, I started putting all the little man’s toys away.  As soon as I started I heard a squeal of laughter and then noticed that all the toys I put away were strewn helter-skelter throughout the room again.  With a sigh I picked them back up only to find that the rest of the toys magically were tossed about too, and right in the center of it all was my son smiling impishly.  It was obvious that I wasn’t going to win this game, so I decided to take a break, which isn’t what my boy wanted me to do because  as soon as I sat down admitting my defeat the little madman came after me with a pool noodle and started beating me about the head like the little brute he is.

It was great fun! 

Then before I knew it a wrestling match broke out.  I would like to say that I won, but that would be lying.  I think he got me on points in the end.  He may be small, but he is more than tenacious enough to make up for it.  So, that makes two times today that I have had to admit defeat.  That’s ok.  I am used to it.  Playtime with my son is more important to me than being able to get to the couch without tripping.

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