Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shut up and Dance!

Yesterday, the little man and I discovered something very important.  We found out how important it is to take a little time to be completely silly.  Now, it may seem that this isn’t a very worthwhile endeavor, but you will have to try it and see for yourself.   It is definitely worth a try, and you might be surprised at the result.  Who knows, it might add years to year life or something.

So, the little man and I came to this conclusion yesterday after our lunchtime when we usually do some sort of physical activity like dancing, baby monster tag, spinning, or rolling and chasing his favorite inflatable ball around.  Well, for some reason, I was feeling quite lethargic and mopey at the time, and I don’t know why really.  I guess it is just a case of where sometimes people just get down.  Anyway, my son decided that he wanted to dance.  He does this sort of move that I call the toddler stomp.  It is basically just him running in place and stomping his feet really loud while jumping and spinning. Whenever he starts this intricate dance it is a hint that he would like to listen to some music.  I figured that out a few weeks ago, and I will never forget it again because if you don’t turn on his music all hell will break loose.  Trust me.  Nobody wants that. 

So, anyway, I turned on the music and he danced away, and, before I realized what I was doing, I joined in because, let’s face it, he was going to make me do it eventually anyway.  You know what?  I am so glad I did because, to tell you the truth, I am not sure if I have ever had a better time. 

Maybe it is just me, but I find that there is definitely something very rewarding about goofing around with my son whenever I get a chance.  I can’t really describe how good it makes me feel to be able to spend times like that with him.  It is like somehow I am magically transported back to a simpler time where I don’t have to be an adult, and I don’t have to worry about what I look like to other people, not that I worry about that too much anyway.  Dancing with the little man means that I can be as carefree as I dare.  

What’s it going to matter anyway?  It isn’t like the little man is going to make fun of me.  Well, he won’t yet anyway, but for now all he cares about is that he is having a good time with his da.  The only problem is I can’t keep up with the little squirt anymore.  He can jump and dance his butt off for maybe a half hour to an hour non-stop.  I think I might have 20 minutes in me tops, but whenever I try to stop he looks at me all disappointedly with his puppy dog eyes and, somehow, I manage to gather some more stamina and keep dancing with him until he is done.  I figure dancing with him is good for me anyway, but man I am sore afterwards.  At least he doesn’t insist that I dance like him.  There is no way that I am going to jump up and down and flop around and do the toddler stomp for an hour.  That boy is nuts when it comes to dancing! 

What is particularly surprising is that he can do all this crazy stuff and still seem to be keeping in rhythm.  It’s amazing to me!  I am just so glad that he chose dancing as his after lunch activity.  It is just what I needed to turn my day around.  I am going to remember this for next time I am feeling gloomy.  The remedy for it is cheap.  You should try it sometime.

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