Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Make Shift Valentine's Day

Yesterday, the little man had a terrific birthday.  There was cake everywhere, a brand new zoo membership, a few new toys to play with, and he even got to eat his favorite food of all time, Vegetable Lomein.  What else could he want on his first birthday?  I don’t know, but he looked pretty happy all day and that is all I ever want for him. 

But, with all that went on birthday wise I forgot someone who is almost just as important to me, my sweety.  I never once wished my wife a happy valentine’s day yesterday.  I almost feel bad about it too.  Not really.  You see, since the little man was born on Valentine’s day I kind of figured that that would mess up valentine’s day for us.  Well, not for me since I think it is just a disgusting holiday, but it is important to some people, so I made arrangements to have flowers delivered to my wife today instead.  I figured that I could make the 15th our Valentine’s day for a few years. 

Maybe it is just me, but I think that it is important for the little one’s birthday to be all about him.  My wife and I can shift V-day over a day.  It isn’t going to hurt us any.  So, I have these flowers all ready to give to her.  Now all I need is a plan on what else we can do.  I thought about taking her and the little one out to dinner, but that seems kind of lame to me; going to the movies is out of the question; arranging for someone to babysit the little man while the wife and I go out seemed like a bad idea to me because now that I have a family I kind of want to do things together.  What’s a guy to do?

My all-time favorite fall back plan is to let my favorite girl decide what we do, but more often than not she doesn’t care either.  I suppose I could clean the house and make dinner for her, but that doesn’t seem very special.  Well, the dinner part would be same old thing anyway, but god do I hate to clean the house.  I never knew how much harder it would get once there was a little one around who took an enormous amount of pleasure in ruining any kind of progress you make.  I swear I will just about get all his toys put away and then all of a sudden he’ll streak over and pull everything out again and then walk away.  The bugger won’t even pretend to play with them.  I know that he is only making a mess to screw with me.  He knows that I know that too.  What an evil little monster!

Anyway, to get back on topic, what I need is a specific plan.  I don’t want to resort to any of the lame old evenings that everyone else does for V-day.  I want to do something different, something that will make my wife feel special but include the little man too.   If it wouldn’t be dark by the time she got home I would drive her out to the little waterfall we know of and take photos because they are really pretty this time of year, but that won’t work.  I guess it is going to be another boring evening on our makeshift valentine’s day.  Not to say that it isn’t going to be special, it just isn’t going to be different.  Oh well.  There is always next year.     

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  1. I love you very much and you make every Valentine's wonderful and full of love!
    Your one and only Wifey!