Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wake up Little Man! Daddy wants to Play!

Well, the holidays are finally over and it is time to get back to the pre-holiday routines.  For me, that means no more lazing about because my wife is home to take care of baby, which is great because that means I get to have him all to myself again.  However, it kinda sucks not being together as a family all day.  I know that the little man misses his momma.  He screamed for her for an hour or so after she left for work this morning.  Then we fell asleep curled up on the couch watching some Thomas the train.

What is really pathetic is that the whole time he is sleeping I want him to wake up so we could play with his new train set together.  I even tried to tickle him awake, but that only made him giggle with his eyes closed.  Eventually, I did manage to wake him up, but, apparently, he was still tired and fell  asleep again immediately.  So, is still sleeping in his pack and play at the moment.  So, until he wakes up for real I guess I will have to wait to play with his train set with him.  I have tried playing with it while he sleeps, but it just isn’t as fun.  There are only so many times I can run the train around the tracks before I start thinking of modifying it.  Then once I modify the tracks he won’t be able to play as well because there will be too many loops and what not.  You see, the little man prefers long straights because he can really whip the cars down them and cause some awesome pile ups when the crash.

You know, thinking of this makes me wonder if I really bought the train sets for my son, or did I buy them for me?  I guess in this instance the stereotype about fathers fits.  I really am just as excited about his toys as he is, and I do want to play with my son’s toys almost as much as he does.  I am not ashamed of it either.  What good is being a parent if you can’t play with your children and share their toys?  For me, that is the best part.  Well, that, and watching the kid grow up is pretty cool too.  I don’t know.  Right now, I am thinking that everything about being a dad is pretty cool.  I have it on good authority that my wife feels the same way about being a mother too.  I wonder if it is the same for every parent?  If it isn’t, then it should be.  It seems to me that if more parents spent time playing with their kids and just enjoying the time they spend with them the better off everyone would be.

So, with that in mind, I am patiently waiting for the boy to wake up from his morning nap, so we can cause some mayhem.   I have it all planned out.   I already built some tunnels with his foam blocks that santa brought him for Christmas.  Now all we need is a little boy to run his trains on the track to cause an avalanche or something.  It will be awesome.  I am combining his love of destroying his block creations with his love of playing with his wooden train set.  It should be something to see.

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